Wear sex underwear to the park

Wear sex underwear to the park

As an expert in sexy underwear, I found that more and more women began to wear sexy sexy underwear to take a walk in the park or sit on the grass to enjoy the sun.Why is it?In the following article, I will explain the reasons behind and provide some useful suggestions.

1. Explore yourself

Wearing a sexy underwear will give women a unique feeling. They feel that they are full of confidence and self -esteem.This feeling is different from the traditional way to go out. Interesting underwear allows women to better explore themselves and try new things.

2. Increase interest

Interest underwear is largely designed to increase interest, and wearing it will make women more sexy and charming.Walking around in the park, walking around, or sitting quietly to enjoy the sun, it will make women feel more confident and increase the intimacy with the other half.

3. Pay attention to comfort

Although sexy underwear is very sexy, women need to consider whether it is comfortable.If the sexy underwear is not comfortable enough, women will feel uncomfortable and nervous, which will affect their mood.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must consider comfort, otherwise you will destroy your park journey.

4. Choose the right style

Interest underwear has a variety of styles, and different shapes and colors will affect the personal style of women. They can find balance points between sexy and comfortable.Choosing the right sexy underwear will make women feel more confident and beautiful.

5. Take care of your skin

Women wearing sex underwear should pay attention to taking care of their skin, because this kind of clothing can easily stimulate the skin. If it is not protected, it is easy to have an allergic reaction.Using skin -proof skin care products, regular massage of skin can improve this situation.

6. Pay attention to time and place

If women want to wear sexy underwear in the park, they need to pay attention to time and place.It is best to choose a relatively small time period and find a relatively hidden place, so as to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and discomfort.

7. Pay attention to temperature

Temperature is very important for women who wear fun underwear.If the temperature is too low, women are prone to colds. At the same time, wearing sex underwear may make women too sensitive and increase the risk of illness.Therefore, when choosing clothes, you must consider the temperature and choose the appropriate sexy underwear.

8. Persist in exercise

Unlike traditional fashion wear, sexy underwear usually needs to wear under the skin, so women cannot ignore health when choosing to wear.Women should choose the right exercise to keep their bodies and make themselves healthier and beautiful.


It is not a wrong choice to wear sex underwear, but women need to pay attention to the way and time of wearing to ensure that they are comfortable and maintaining healthy.While looking for self and adding interest, embracing health and beauty, this is the true meaning of wearing sexy underwear in the park.

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