Wearing a sexy underwear is bundled and tuned


Interest underwear is an important part of the life of modern couples, which can not only increase interest, but also enhance the charm of the body.Wearing sexy sexy underwear, women can show their elegance and sexy, and men can also show their masculinity.This article will introduce the experience of wearing erotic underwear being tied for tuning.

Choose the right sexy underwear

It is very important to choose a suitable sexy underwear before being tied for tuning.Wearing a suitable erotic underwear can make you more confident and make your training smoother.For women, a sexy lace underwear, or a mysterious leather underwear.For men, you can choose to force high sexy underwear, or have a full personality T -shirt.

Use the right props

The appropriate props are also very important when being tied for tuning.You can choose common props such as ribbon, mouthball, handcuffs, or choose hard bundling props according to your preference.Pay attention to safety when using props, do not use too much or choose unsafe props.

Find a suitable tuning partner

It is important to be trusted and interacting for tuning training, and it is important to find suitable tuning partners.Choosing a partner who is willing to try to be tied for tuning, and both sides know their preferences and bottom lines, it is very necessary.

Build a sense of trust and security

Before being tied for tuning, you need to establish a sense of trust and security. The two sides should clearly express their wishes and bottom lines and respect each other.You can make a clear rule in the early stage, or formulate clear rules and agreement to ensure the safety and comfort between the two parties.

Use the correct bundling skills

When being tied for tuning, it is very important to use the correct binding skills. Not only can it ensure the safety of both parties, but it can also make the training process smoother.You can refer to some teaching videos, or look for professional rings for guidance and teaching.

Control the rhythm

Binded tunnels need to control the rhythm and avoid excessive or excessive stimuli.It is necessary to reasonably grasp the progress and strength of the training according to the physical condition and psychological tolerance of both parties.Don’t be too greedy or impulsive, always pay attention to the opponent’s reaction.

Enjoy the pleasure brought by tuning

Binded tuning can bring physical and spiritual satisfaction, and enjoy the pleasure that cannot be obtained from ordinary life.You can try a variety of postures and scenes, find the way of training that most meets your needs, and enjoy the pleasure brought about.

Pay attention to postoperative care

After being tied for tuning, it is also necessary to pay attention to postoperative care to avoid adverse effects on the body.You can do some soothing yoga, massage and other physical care and relaxation.

in conclusion

Taken together, wearing sexy underwear is tied and tunnel can bring unusual pleasure, but you need to pay attention to safe and reasonable use.You can choose the right sexy underwear, use props and binding skills correctly, find suitable partners, establish trust and security, control the rhythm of the training, and finally enjoy the pleasure brought by tuning.

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