Wearing a sexy underwear was shameless by her boyfriend


Wearing erotic underwear is a choice made by many women to increase sexual interests and interests. However, sometimes they have been disliked and shameful eyes of her boyfriend. How can this situation cope?This article will introduce some methods to deal with my boyfriend’s dislike of sexy underwear.

Understand the attitude of her boyfriend

First of all, understanding the attitude of her boyfriend is very important.Asked whether her boyfriend likes to like sexy underwear is necessary. If the boyfriend does not interested or feels disgusted, it is necessary to consider whether it is worth wearing such clothes.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

It is also important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Pay attention to factors such as style, color and texture, and choose sexy underwear suitable for you.If you are uncomfortable or confident enough, your boyfriend’s dislike will affect your emotions more.

Adjust attitude and confidence

When wearing sexy underwear, you must adjust your attitude and confidence, and be confident in your appearance and charm.The confident attitude can make you more attractive, and it can also reduce the disgust of your boyfriend.

Pay attention to the occasion and frequency

When wearing sexy underwear, you also need to consider the occasions and frequencies you wear.It is not appropriate to wear sexy underwear in formal occasions. At the same time, pay attention to the frequency of wearing. Over -frequency wear will make your boyfriend feel fatigue, and even dislike this kind of clothes.

Communicate with your boyfriend

It is also important to communicate with my boyfriend a serious communication.You need to tell him that you like to wear such clothes, tell him the purpose you want to achieve, and also understand his thoughts.Establishing understanding and consensus through communication can make the relationship between the two people more harmonious.

Accept the opinion of her boyfriend

Of course, you also got the opinion of your boyfriend during communication.If he doesn’t like it or feels inappropriate, you should accept his opinions, because the opinions of both parties are very important.The mutual understanding and consideration will eventually establish a good relationship, and you can also deepen your feelings in each other.

Looking for sexy alternatives

If you reach a consensus, you can start thinking about how to find some better way to express your sexy.For example, some sexy perfumes, or a sexy but not structured clothes.Finding more alternatives can also make your relationship more creative.

Faith in yourself

In the end, remember to maintain your belief.Your body belongs to your own. Wearing erotic underwear is to increase your self -confidence and charm, not to cater to others.So don’t let your boyfriend’s thoughts around your style of wearing, but also adhere to your beliefs.


All in all, when wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to the attitude of her boyfriend and their choices, adjust sexy and confident attitudes, and establish an open and trustworthy way of communication.If you do the above points, I believe the boyfriend’s dislike and shame will gradually disappear, and your relationship will be improved more.

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