Wearing only sex underwear out of novels

Paragraph 1: Introduction

When we think of erotic underwear, the first thing we think of is often a kind of private and teasing charm.However, some people really want to further explore its way of dressing in public.The following is a novel plot, and something that needs to be considered when wearing sexy underwear.

Section 2: Selection of wear

It is important to understand your body when planning sex underwear as a wardrobe.Personal taste will also play a certain role when choosing to wear.During the day, you can choose a top with outline and jeans, and you can consider choosing skirts and high heels at night.

3rd paragraph: color selection

Color is another consideration for choosing sexy underwear.Dark -colored erotic underwear is easier to apply to the existing options in the wardrobe.Of course, if you want to add some surprises, the excellent color choice can also be a good choice.

Fourth paragraph: quality consideration

Whether it is ordinary underwear or sexy underwear, quality will affect your comfort and long -term durability.When you choose new clothes, high -quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship are very important.

Fifth paragraph: matching of underwear and jacket

If you decide to use sexy underwear as a choice of wearing, you need to consider how to match your jacket to increase confidence.Random and complicated pattern jackets and dark jeans can be perfectly matched with sexy underwear.

Section 6: Avoid excessive exposure

Of course, sexy underwear is suitable for private or intimate occasions, but it should not be excessively exposed in public.Remember to respect yourself and respect others.

Seventh paragraph: multi -mindset

Sex underwear needs to be faced with a positive attitude, and should not be too restrained or too shy.Choose your clothes that suits you and believe that you are very important.

Paragraph eighth: increase self -confidence

Wearing sexy underwear can increase self -confidence, cover some unsatisfactory figures and show your advantages.The comfort and freedom of sexy underwear will make you feel more relaxed and confident.

Section 9: Summarize the reasons for choosing sexy underwear

In short, choosing sexy underwear is your choice of personal taste.Wearing them is a way you decide to show yourself.Don’t be afraid to wear fun underwear in public, as long as you follow some simple rules and confidence attitudes, you will definitely become the focus of dress.

Section 10: Views

Wearing sexy underwear or other special clothes requires a confident person, and this self -confidence is what we should have.Don’t be afraid to show people your beauty or your own unique style. If you think of sexy underwear, don’t wear it.But if you want to wear, then wear it.Because in this world, the most important thing is completely dominated by your own dress and decision.

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