Wearing sexy underwear lying on my bed

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

Sexy underwear is increasingly sought after in modern sex culture, but when choosing, you must choose the right style according to your body and preferences.

Learn different sexy lingerie styles

Interest underwear has a variety of styles such as suspenders, lace shirts, lace panties, hollow suits, three -point style, lace beam skirt, hollow cat dress and other styles.According to different occasions, you can choose the right style.

Paired with tops and bottoms

Choose the right top and lower clothes to make you more sexy and charming.You can choose a tight or suspender model, and you can match the style of pants or lace panties.

Master the size and texture

Size and texture are also factors that need to be considered when choosing sexy underwear.You must choose a size that conforms to your body, and pay attention to whether the texture is comfortable and safe.

Features of European and American sexy underwear

European and American sexy underwear is characterized by sexy and bold.There are various styles, such as three -point, hollow suit, stockings, tights, etc., which are mainly suitable for some bold trials.

Features of Asian sexy underwear

Asian sexy underwear is more restrained than European and American styles, but it is still very sexy, such as lace girl clothing or cotton lace suits suitable for Asian women.

Sexual Emotional Fun Underwear Blessing

Sexual feelings can give both sides a stronger visual stimulus in the process of sex, stimulate desire, and help improve the quality of sexual life.

Sexual Emotional Maintenance

In order to extend the life of women’s sexual emotional and interesting underwear, pay attention to the correct cleaning method.It is not possible to use bleach or too thick laundry solution. It is recommended to wash it by hand to avoid machine washing.

Choose a sexy underwear shop

Choosing a regular sexy underworld shop can ensure the quality and after -sales service of the product.And some cheap and unsuitable sexy underwear will not only affect the effect of use, but also bring hidden safety hazards.

Falling underwear wearing skills

When wearing a sexy underwear, you must not only pay attention to the texture and style, but also need to understand some wearing skills.For example, pay attention to matching clothes, invisible chest stickers, and double -sided tape to ensure the overall effect.


Sex underwear is an important part of modern sex culture. It can not only enhance sexy charm, but also bring more sexual fun.However, when choosing and wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to personal figures, preferences, occasions and other factors to choose a style that suits you.At the same time, we must also pay attention to the maintenance and use of sexy underwear to make the sex process healthier, safer, and more pleasant.

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