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The concept and type of wedding sexy underwear

Wedding erotic underwear refers to the artistic, elegant and sexy underwear worn on a specific occasion.It has a common material such as lace, silk and other materials in daily life, as well as avoiding perceptual skin tone.Generally speaking, wedding sexy underwear can be divided into two categories: sexy lingerie and wedding underwear.Sex underwear focuses on stimulating taste buds, while wedding underwear focuses on the overall shape and texture of the skirt, and whether it shows a transparent and sexy chest curve.Among them, common wedding sexy underwear includes lace, silk, texture, perspective and fluffy, and so on.

Sexuality Fun Wedding Underwear Atlas Daquan

The following are several mainstream sexual emotional erotic wedding lingerie gaters:

-Clene wedding underwear

-Satin wedding jacket

-Ouguang Latti Wedding Underwear

-Black perspective wedding shirt

-Chmus satin tulle wedding underwear

-Alaccolic see -through wedding shirt

-Stark lace wedding underwear

-Crochemical lace wedding underwear

Choose a suitable sexy underwear

Selective underwear needs to understand various factors such as your body shape, skin color, suit shape, and personal style.不同的婚礼场合也需要有所区别,例如在比较庄重的宗教教堂举行婚礼时应该穿着细节简单的浅色透明内衣;而在皇家婚礼、浪漫海滩婚礼等特殊场合,可以选择大气磅礴的王冠、羽毛、The matching of jewelry such as jewelry makes the body exudes the ultimate sexy.

How to wear sexy underwear correctly

Wearing sexy underwear is not a sexy sexy, which is also a misunderstanding that many people think that "it is sexy".Wearing wedding underwear correctly requires enough confidence and reasonable escape mode.If it is too tight, it will cause not only unsightly, but also make the skin feel pain and discomfort.If you are too loose, your underwear will slip yourself, which will easily lead to accidental leakage.Therefore, professionals recommend choosing to put on with a tight -tight sleeve, which not only guarantees sexy, but does not make the body feel oppressed.

How to keep underwear correctly

In addition to maintaining good wearing habits, the quality of wedding underwear has a lot to do with maintenance.After careful selection of wedding sexy underwear, you must follow the correct maintenance method, less exposure to detergent, do not wipe the foundation liquid, avoid high temperature folding, use dry cleaning tools, and so on.For underwear of different materials, different washing movements need to be used, such as cleaning highly fibrous silk wedding underwear with fibrom material cleaning high, and washing lace wedding underwear with pollutants.

Wedding erotic underwear match

After choosing your own wedding underwear, you need to consider how to optimize or highlight your bust.Here, the matching is not to choose clothing or shoes according to the same main color tone, but emphasizes the underwear as the basis, and improves the layered effects of other clothing according to the color, material, internal design, and accessories of the underwear.For example, it can be paired with an elegant and beautiful long skirt, or a pair of elegant pointed high -heeled shoes, which can make the internal and external shapes more coordinated, showing the best fashion and artistic accuracy.

How to use sex underwear to "season"

After understanding the relevant knowledge of wedding lingerie, how to use sex underwear to make the overall shape look more sexy is also a homework.First of all, you should consider your essential conditions such as your temperament, style, and sexual preference when buying.It can be appropriately presented in rich and interesting patterns, details, colors and textures.For example, red -colored underwear, if paired with silver or gold jewelry, can create a shiny and attractive effect.

Size in sex underwear

If you want to wear aesthetics, the size of the erotic underwear must be appropriate.If the size is too large, the curve will be imbalanced, and the sexy sexy will be greatly reduced.If the size is too small, it will affect the comfort of wearing, which is not conducive to physical health.Therefore, the size of the underwear size must be measured, and the purchase must be cautious, and it takes into account factors such as its body and weight.

Interest Wedding Underwear Brand Recommendation

At present, in the field of sex wedding underwear, many brands have extensive influence in the market.Good erotic wedding underwear can not only make your body more perfect, but also excellent in comfort.Recommended some famous brands: Calvin Klein (CK), Victoria’s Secret (Victoria’s Secret), Xixili, Wacoal (Walgo) and so on.


When choosing a wedding sexy underwear, you must consider many factors, including the occasion, your own figure and personality.At the same time, in order to ensure the maintenance of comfort and underwear, we must learn to wear, maintain and clean the method correctly.Finally, when matching, you need to make full use of the characteristics of the wedding sexy underwear itself, and make creative and clever methods based on different clothing and specific occasions, so as to complete a unique and personal style fashion style.

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