What are the good sex underwear

What are the good sex underwear

Interest underwear is undoubtedly one of the important elements to increase life fun, but there are too many types of sexy underwear available for choice, which makes us often feel trouble.Below, I will introduce what sexy underwear is good, and the precautions for choosing sexy underwear.

Comfort is the most important

The main purpose of sexy underwear is to make the sex life between couples more interesting, but as a wearer, the comfort of wearing is equally important.Although some sexy underwear looks very attractive, it is very uncomfortable to wear on the body.Putting comfort in the first place is the basic principle of purchasing sexy underwear.

Sexy underwear of different uses

Interest underwear can be roughly divided into several types such as suit, pajamas, accessories, exposed cups, and tulle transparent.The set wraps the bra, the bottom pants, and the strap, and the style has many colorful colors and a variety of types. It is one of the favorite sexy underwear models of women.Pajamas can make women more comfortable and free without losing sexy.Accessories of sexy underwear emphasize the body’s modification and decoration.The sexy lingerie of the exposed milk cup and the tulle transparent underwear appears bolder and sexy.

Different occasions are suitable for different styles

Selecting different styles of sexy underwear, you need to consider the occasions of use.For example, sets and pajamas are more suitable for private occasions; and if you want to participate in a sexy party or other large -scale events, it is more suitable for full -dressed sexy underwear. They usually come from the high -end uniform industry.In addition, hanging strap is also one of the popular stuffs in the sexy underwear industry. It can be used with different erotic underwear to show personal unique charm.

Pay attention to the choice of material

Anyone who likes sexy underwear knows that this underwear basically has a certain sexy color.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, the choice of fabric is very important.The inexplicable red and purple are the most popular colors. If you add high -quality silk or glittering plastic to make underwear, it can meet people’s various needs.In addition, it is usually more suitable for some fabrics that are light and transparent and breathable, so as to maintain a certain comfort.

Color choice

The color of sexy underwear is actually closely related to the material mentioned earlier.Many people think that the color of erotic underwear is very important, and if you want to achieve the purpose of attracting partners, the color is very rich and bright.At the same time, colorful sexy underwear can enhance people’s confidence and sensibility, and can stimulate people’s curiosity.

Appropriate size

No matter what kind of underwear you buy, you need accurate sizes to be the foundation, as well as sexy underwear.Therefore, before choosing a sexy underwear, women must accurately measure the size of the body to ensure that the purchased sexy underwear size is suitable for you.In particular, some sexy underwear with lace, linen, and transparent materials may have slightly deviations in the size.

Pay attention to the texture of the neckline and bra

In addition to the size, the neckline and chest are the focus of attention, and it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the texture.The bras lined with a steel strip can easily shape the perfect milk type and improve the effect of breast augmentation. The perspective bra that close the skin shows a body curve.Different styles such as deep V, round necks, and high necks can also make great changes in the selection of colors and sizes.

Falling underwear maintenance

Finally, you need to carefully maintain your good sexy underwear.First, choose different cleaning methods according to the special materials of sexy underwear to avoid damage to clothes.Secondly, pay attention to the way of storage of sexy underwear to avoid moisturizing, and clothes need to avoid contact with some chemical preparations as much as possible.In most cases, the environment of dry sponges, warm water, and air circulation is the best way to store.


The above is the introduction of "What are the good sexy underwear". Different styles, styles, colors and texture of sexy underwear have their own thousands of autumn. How to choose a variety of factors should be considered as appropriate.Each woman should clarify their needs and physical conditions, and buy sexy underwear that meets their bodies in order to double the interest of life and present the greatest beauty.

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