What are the popular failed underwear


Fashion, sexy, and personalized has become the mainstream of popularity today, and the popularity of sexy underwear is no exception.In this article, which type of sexy underwear we will see is more popular at present.

Sexy Lianyou Character Character

Sexy physical and sexy underwear has become the first choice for modern women.This sexy underwear can completely expose the chest and legs, and at the same time, it can also leave key areas to emphasize sexy figure.

Lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear has always been popular elements.This sexy underwear can highlight the beautiful curve of women and show charming sexy charm.Lace is given a feminine appearance, and many women think that lace is a necessary element in sexy underwear.

Hollow dazzle

Pluttering underwear is also one of the very popular underwear.This erotic underwear has a very unique and personalized design. It uses various colors of fabrics and hollow design elements, which can focus on women’s softness and sexy.This sexy underwear usually needs to be kept concise and clean, and try to make the length of the bra and panties proportional to the length of the pants or top.

Net yarn sexy dress

Net yarn sex underwear is one of the most popular sexy lingerie. The use of tulle and perspective design to show the sexy of women is one of the current trend.This sexy underwear usually has various colors and designs, and often matches bra and briefs.How can we wear the best results?Just choose underwear with similar color to your skin and choose the right size.

Set sexy sheet

Different from his interesting underwear, the set of sexy underwear has a dress form and is a complete clothing system.This kind of sexy underwear can be selected according to different occasions and scenes, and can be paired with different belts, high heels or other accessories to increase more personalized elements.It makes women feel more sexy and elegant.

Chest sticker sexy underwear

Frequent busty underwear can help to solve some women who are not suitable for traditional mode bra.Through the tangible pockets and patch on both sides, the cups and straps are hidden, while more skin is revealed.The material of the chest and sexy underwear usually uses meat, black, or white soft materials, which is very suitable for various occasions and clothing.

Drink sexy underwear

Tibetan sexy lingerie is a very popular style. Its design focuses on the shoulder straps. It can easily adapt to the skin parts of various shoulder width and shoulder shapes.Many suspenders of sexy underwear also have design elements such as hollow and lace to increase sexuality.

Sports T -shirts Interesting Poster

Different from his interesting underwear, sports T -shirts are more focused on comfort and practicality.It is usually made of tulle and other materials, so that the skin can breathe and suitable for different types of sports.In addition, sports T -shirts’ sexy underwear can also increase breast support and stability, which is a very practical sexy underwear.

Stomato sexy sheets

Belly Bades sexy underwear has become one of the very popular sexy lingerie styles.This kind of sexy underwear is simple and exposed to more skin, suitable for wearing eczema or other skin diseases.Although it only covers the breast part and leaves more space, the use of ropes and hollow design elements, the sexual underwear of the bellyband can also increase more personalized elements.

Rest up sexy underwear

Funding sexy underwear is a sexy underwear with ropes, lace and various special designs.This kind of sexy underwear often has tools such as suspenders, leather whip, and is widely used in sexy games. It often needs to be combined with strict scenes and occasions to achieve better results.


Overall, different erotic underwear has its own functions and characteristics.We can choose a sexy underwear that suits us according to our interests and needs.At the same time, we must also choose underwear that suits us according to our body shape and skin color to make ourselves feel more confident and sexy!

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