What brand of sexy underwear in AV movies is

What brand of sexy underwear in AV movies is

In recent years, more and more people have begun to pursue diverse sexual experiences.As one of the important tools, sexy underwear has naturally attracted more and more attention.Many people will see all kinds of sexy underwear in AV movies, but do not know what brand of sexy underwear is.Then let’s find out about it.

1. Black stockings -Falke (Farke)

In a lot of fun films, you can see the heroine wearing sexy black stockings. This excellent underwear modified on the leg curve is derived from the German brand Falke.

2. Stockings suit -Wolford (Wolford)

Similar to Falke, Wolford is also a world -renowned underwear brand that provides a variety of exquisite stockings suits.This type of suit can not only set off a woman’s body advantage, but also shows an elegant and rich connotation.

3. Sexy underwear -Victoria’s Secret (Victoria’s Secret)

Victoria’s Secret is a world -renowned sexy underwear brand. Its underwear is mainly sexy and playful, and it is very suitable for women who love fresh and sexy and eclectic.

4. Maid costume -cherry girl (cherry girl)

The maid’s costume is considered a iconic product in sexy underwear. The workmanship and tailoring requirements are very strict, which can make women wear it appear pretty and pleasant.The Cherry Girl brand is a well -deserved leader of maid outfit.

5. Net socks -OBSESSIVE (obsessed)

ObSessive is a Polish sex lingerie brand. With its fashionable and sexy web socks, it is popular in Europe and the United States, and is also favored by many sex film actors.

6. Kimono -aNSUALLE (perceptual)

Sensualle comes from Brazil. Its kimono style is cut properly and bright, so that women who wear it feel exotic in the process of sex.

7. Open crotch underwear -Cottelli Collection

Cottelli Collection is a sexy underwear brand headquartered in Germany, focusing on designing various stunning open crotch underwear, making the sex process more exciting.

8. Leather underwear -Ann Summers

If you like leather underwear with a little sexy magnetic, one of the best choices is Ann Summers in the UK.

9. Hanging Stockings -Leg Avenue (Leg route)

Leg Avenue is a brand with the purpose of "making women feel confident and charm". Socks are one of its most representative products.Putting on delicate and soft hanging bars, women’s curves will be more sexy and playful.

10. SM sexy underwear -BACI Lingerie (Brazil Li Cui)

BACI Lingerie is a brand focusing on providing high -quality SM sex underwear for sex lovers.SM sex underwear is a special underwear. In addition to satisfying sexy, it can also enhance the stimulus of sexual experience.

Viewpoint: Fun underwear adds more interests and colors for sex, making the process of sex more exciting and interesting.The sexy underwear of these brands mentioned above is its important representative, which is worth recommending and trying.

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