What does the restraint of sexy underwear mean

What is sexy underwear restraint

Sex underwear is a underwear that aims to increase sexual stimulation and stimulate sensation, and sexy lingerie restraint is one of the very popular types.The purpose of restraining underwear is to limit part of the body or multiple parts to a specific position or posture.This limit can be achieved by tie rope, leather or other materials to make the wearer feel the feeling of being restrained.Best underwear can also be used with other decorations or subsidiaries, such as handcuffs, handcuffs, masks, eye masks, and dog chains.

Types of sexy underwear constraints

There are many forms of sexy underwear restraint, including:

Rope art

Wrist and ankle trapped


Pocket Wicker and Case

Mask and eye mask

Dog chain and collar

The gender prejudice problem of restraint underwear

In the past, most of the users of sexy underwear are men.However, now more and more women have joined this ranks.However, this change does not eliminate the problem of gender bias in the field of bondage underwear.The restraint of the underwear community and related products are still inclined to the male market, while women’s needs and preferences are ignored or degraded.

Safety issues of sexy underwear constraints

From the perspective of security, there may be danger in the restraint of sexy underwear.If you use or use low -quality materials correctly, it may cause skin tingling, allergies, or even their own physical damage.Moreover, due to the limited action of restraint underwear, sometimes panic or anxiety may be triggered, resulting in an emergency that cannot be immediately unbuttoned when the emergency occurs.

The communication problem of sexy underwear constraints

The use of sexy underwear constraints requires good communication and understanding.Whether it is a fixed position or an additional attachment, each method needs to be discussed and approved by both parties.If a person feels uncomfortable or unsafe, the use of binding underwear should end.

The experience and effect of sexy underwear restraint

Correct understanding and use of sexy underwear restraint can bring a lot of pleasure and exciting experience to you and your partner.After a period of practice and attempt, you can understand the ideas and preferences of your and your partner, and create your own scene and role -playing experience.

How to use erotic underwear restraint correctly

Before using sexy underwear constraints, make sure:

You and your partner both know the method of security and lifting restraint

You are using high -quality, hygienic and clean items to avoid skin irritation and allergies

You are dealing with a scene and role that belongs to you

Correct learning and practice can make sexy underwear restraint into a healthy, pleasant and unique experience.

The benefits of sexy underwear restraint

Correct understanding and use of sexy underwear restraint can bring a lot of benefits, including:

Increase joy and fun

Establish a relationship between trust and mutual dependence

Enhanced sexual experience and feeling

Develop new role -playing imagination

Increase emotion and intimacy

Viewpoint of sexy underwear constraints

In the context of modern culture and liberation of sex, sexy underwear has become an increasingly popular sex health method.However, use cautiously, especially in terms of safety and communication.Correct learning and practice can make sexy lingerie restraint into a healthy, pleasant and unique experience, and increase personal self -exploration and required satisfaction.At the same time, we should also pay attention to and respect the needs and preferences of women, and pay attention to the equality and popularity of the product in the development of commercial products.

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