What equipment do you want to open a sexy underwear

Part 1: Workbench

Before opening a sexy underwear shop, you need to prepare some necessary equipment and tools to assist your work.First of all, you need to prepare a spacious workbench, because you need to display products, make underwear, and cashier operations.

Part 2: Underwear sample

Underwear samples are the main contents of the shop, so a large amount of underwear samples need to be reserved.All styles, colors, and size underwear samples must be available for customers to choose from.At the same time, the quality of the sample is also good.

Part 3: Barrel Washing Machine

Underwear is a special clothing that needs to be washed with water and detergent or washed with a barrel, instead of using ordinary washing machines.Therefore, a barrel washing machine should be prepared in the store to clean the underwear.

Part 4: Spread

The iron is one of the necessary equipment for underwear shops, because the underwear needs to be scalded to show the perfect effect.It also needs a special underwear hot board to assist in the hot coat.

Part 5: Cutting plates and scissors

Underwear shops need to cut and sew underwear, so they need to prepare cuts and scissors.

Part 6: Bust Rule

The degree of precision of the underwear is high, so you need to use a ruler to ensure that the size of the customer is accurate.

Part 7: UV Sterilization Lantern

Underwear is a kind of private clothing, and you need to pay attention to hygiene.Therefore, equipped with a UV sterilization light in the store can kill bacteria and maintain hygiene.

Part 8: Cashier

To open a sexy underwear store, it is necessary to consider the problem of customer payment, and it is necessary to equip a cashier to facilitate customers to checkout.

Part 9: Test the clothes room

Customers need to try on underwear, so they need to be equipped with a test room in the store to let customers choose their appropriate underwear at ease.

Part 10: The attitude of customer service

Before opening a sexy underwear shop, the most important thing is to pay attention to the attitude of customer service. Receive the comments and suggestions of each customer. A good attitude is the eternal secret of maintaining customer loyalty.


It is important to prepare the necessary equipment when opening a sexy underwear shop.There must be spacious workbench, underwear sample, bust ruler, cutting plate and scissors, scalding and hot plates, testing rooms, cashier, UV sterilization lamps.In addition to equipment, we must pay more attention to a good service attitude to attract more loyal customers.

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