What kind of sexy underwear is fatter

What kind of sexy underwear is fatter

Sexy underwear is a fashionable and sexy clothing, which can make you feel more confident and sexy.However, for some fatters, wearing erotic underwear may make them embarrassed and uncomfortable.Let ’s take a look at what kind of sexy underwear should wears fat women.

I. Select the right size

Choosing the right size is the first step to choose sexy underwear.If the underwear you buy is too small or too tight, then it is likely to form a fat flow and scar on your body.Therefore, be sure to choose the right size.When buying sexy underwear, you can refer to the size guide provided by the merchant.

II. Choose high waist underwear

For some fatters, they may have some fat in the abdomen and crotch.Choosing high waist underwear is a good choice that can cover up the fat in these parts and make you more confident.

III. Select underwear with abdominal effects

In addition to high waist underwear, you can also choose sexy underwear with abdominal effect.This underwear can clamp your waist and form a curve to make you look more sexy.

IV. Choose dark tone underwear

Dark -colored underwear can cover your fat more than light -tone underwear.This is because the dark tone will absorb more light, and the light tone will make the fat more obvious.

V. Choose a culturally cultural underwear

Some cultural and cultural sexy underwear can catch people’s attention, making people more interested in your appearance, not your figure.In addition, this underwear can also enhance your charm and sexy.

Vi. Choose a simple -shaped underwear

Simple erotic underwear allows people to focus more on your appearance and body, rather than fancy and tedious wearing.This underwear can easily cover the fat on you, making you look more confident.

Vii. Choose high -quality materials

High -quality sexy underwear can enhance your self -confidence and sexy.This underwear can make you feel more comfortable and comfortable, and at the same time make your body look healthier and beautiful.

Viii. Choose underwear with different textures

Some sex or pattern sexy underwear allows people to focus more on these patterns.In this way, people’s attention will not focus too much on your body.

IX. Choose breathable underwear

In order to make you feel more comfortable and make your skin breathe, you can choose breathable and comfortable sexy underwear.

X. Your figure will not affect your right to choose sexy underwear

Finally, we must point out that your figure will not, nor will it never affect your right to choose sexy underwear.Everyone has the freedom to choose what they like, no matter what body and dressing style.As long as you feel confident and comfortable, you can wear any sex underwear.

Viewpoint: Women who are fat can choose some sexy underwear with abdominal effects, dark tones, cultural atmosphere and simple shape. At the same time, they should also choose high -quality materials and good breathability underwear.But it is important that it is best to maintain self -confidence and comfort, and do not let the body shape become obstacles and pressures to choose sexy underwear.

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