What kind of sexy underwear is wearing a fat woman

What kind of sexy underwear is wearing a fat woman

With the development of society, there are more and more types of sexy underwear, and the brand is becoming more and more diverse, but for fat women, how to choose a sexy underwear that suits you is always a problem.This article will provide advice on how to choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for fat women.

1. Material

The texture of sexy underwear is very important, especially for fat people.It is recommended to choose materials with comfortable, soft, and breathability, such as natural series of fabrics such as cotton, gauze and silk, and porous materials can effectively alleviate the feeling of overheating, and it can also better relieve skin allergies caused by fat.

Second, style

For fat women, when choosing the style of sexy underwear, we must not only pay attention to the aesthetics, but also pay attention to comfort.It is recommended to choose tailored and loose -style underwear to avoid chest discomfort and scratches.When there are too many flesh, you can try to wear a well -wrapped sexy underwear. This type of sexy underwear can be wrapped well and effectively cover up body defects.

Three, color

The choice of color is also important.Black is widely mastered because of thinness, but if you are a fat person, you may choose colorful and sexy underwear, such as royal blue, wine red, purple and other dark colors such as pink and pink.Avoid choosing bright bright colors, because this color is too eye -catching, it is easy to make others see the flaws of the body.

Four, details

When choosing sexy underwear, pay attention to the details of underwear.It is recommended to choose underwear with weight loss, tight, and adjusting body shape. Their east and west have their own characteristics but can have the effects of bunkers, body shaping and tightening.

Five, shoulder straps

When choosing shoulder straps, try to avoid choosing shoulder straps and over -the -shoulder straps.Choosing a wide shoulder strap can effectively slow down the burden on the shoulders and more comfortable.

Six, size

To buy sexy underwear with appropriate size, not according to the appearance.Unlike ordinary underwear, the size of the sex underwear is relatively loose, which is more comfortable.

Seven, length

Underwear should not be too short, otherwise the large abdomen will be exposed, which will appear bloated.It is recommended to choose underwear with a longer length, even if the belly part of the sexy underwear will be covered.

Eight, accessories

Choosing the appropriate underwear accessories can adjust the body shape. It is recommended to choose a sexy underwear suitable for looseness, or the appropriate sexy underwear.For example, the design style of the sexy underwear or similar decoration such as a bow is equipped with a bow.


When wearing sexy underwear, considering a thin sweater, thin coat, etc., can not only play a role in decorating, but also balance your body proportion on the basis of thinness.

10. Conclusion

Therefore, it is important for a fat woman to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.For this reason, you need to choose a suitable size, comfortable texture and loose sexy underwear, and pay attention to their color, size, shoulder strap, length, etc.Choosing the appropriate underwear accessories and outer parties can play a role in modifying the personal body shape.In short, every woman is beautiful, just use a good mentality to wear it.

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