What physical store will buy sexy underwear


The sexy underwear market is becoming more and more hot now. Many people have begun to be interested in sexy underwear in e -commerce platforms such as Taobao, Pinduoduo, but in addition to the price discounts, these platforms are the bigger differences in the sales channels of sex stores in sex underwear.EssenceSo why do physical stores buy sexy underwear?This article will explore this issue from multiple aspects.

The growth of sexy underwear market

The sexy underwear market is getting hotter. According to industry data, the current market size exceeds 30 billion yuan.The more reasonable consumption of sexual supplies will help accelerate the development of the market and the acceptance of consumers.The Internet sales of sexy underwear are relatively large, but physical stores can enrich the product line and improve the service experience. The advantages of these activities are difficult to replace, and will eventually attract consumers.

Analysis of sexy underwear market

The sex underwear market consists of many components, which involves different needs, consumption habits and budgets.But compared to other consumer products, the sales cycle of sex underwear is relatively short, generally seasonal.The short sales cycle means that the response ability will be the key to the success of sales during the peak season, while physical stores have better sales strategies and marketing decisions.

The physical store provides a good service experience

The physical stores perform better in terms of service characteristics, and the improvement of service quality includes professional guidance, demonstration products, custom styles, etc.If customers need to buy it collectively, the store will also give intimate discounts and solutions.It is impossible to enjoy these factors when buying sexy underwear on the Internet.Therefore, in the case of sexy underwear is not regarded as ordinary products, the service experience provided by physical stores is critical to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

After -sales service advantage of physical stores

As consumers’ demand for sexy underwear has continued to increase, the consumer market has gradually shown a diversified trend.However, many consumers are still worried about doubts. If they buy and face quality or functional problems on the Internet, they may lose the opportunity to obtain maintenance and solutions.The physical store provides professional, timely, objective, and thoughtful after -sales service, which can help customers solve problems and enhance customers’ trust in brands and products.

Private protection advantage provided by physical stores

Sex underwear provides the direction in the sensitive area of women, but many women are still worried that they will improve their privacy protection when buying sexy underwear.And physical stores provide better solutions in this regard. They can provide better private privacy protection measures, provide better security guarantees, and enhance customers’ trust in brands and venues.

The advantages of the place of the physical store

Physical stores are usually located in shopping malls or main commercial streets, and their convenience and visits are much higher than online retail stores.Indeed, all the brands and types of sexy underwear can be easily found online, but when buying sexy underwear through physical stores, it has won more impressions and opportunities.In addition to showing new products in physical stores, you can also see what you have never considered before, and you can experience the texture, so that while providing products, you also have more experience and knowledge transmission and exchanges.

Social interaction advantage of physical stores

Another advantage of buying sexy underwear in physical stores is that real social interaction can be performed, including experience, communication and sharing experience.Interest underwear is a private thing, and physical stores can bring customers more feelings and experiences. If you go with your friends, then the communication and interaction response of buying opinions will be much better than on the Internet.Therefore, for people who are not familiar with sex underwear or people who are ambiguous for this product, they may prefer the way of shopping in physical stores.

The brand image advantage of physical stores

Compared with online shopping sales, the advantage of physical stores is also the impact and feelings of the improvement of brand image.It is difficult to get a real evaluation on the Internet for products such as sexy underwear, and physical stores can provide consumers with the guarantee of the true reputation and reliability of the brand. It will also help establish a brand loyal fan base and allow the brand image to get itEffective publicity and promotion.

Demonstration advantage of physical stores

The product form, materials and colors of sexy underwear are diverse, and they need to be displayed directly and real -time, which can be perfectly presented in physical stores.The details determine the success or failure. The quality and taste of sexy underwear come from every detail, including fabrics, design, process, etc.The physical store provides the stage for customers to intuitively feel the product. They can better understand each product and better judge the effectiveness of buying.


In short, there are more and more needs for sexy underwear in the market. The physical stores have played a vital role in selling the sexy underwear industry. It explores why the physical stores are so popular, what advantages, and so on from all aspects.From the perspective of price, sales, after -sales service, private protection, venue advantages, social interaction, brand image perception, etc., support physical stores to buy sexy underwear, so that customers find the best shopping experience.

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