What posture should I have for sex underwear

What posture should I have for sex underwear

Interest underwear can not only increase interest, but also make the figure more attractive. However, while choosing a sexy underwear, you also need to consider matching your posture to achieve the best display effect.The following will introduce you when choosing a sexy underwear.

1. Hip -lifting posture

Choose T -shaped pants or thong as your erotic underwear, with the posture of upper hips, it will increase your sexy charm.When sitting or standing, pull your hips slightly upwards, and then easily pull your hairstyle, and your eyes will be charming. Such a combination will be full of temptation.

2. Twisted posture

No matter what type of sexy underwear, as long as you can use a distorted posture, you can double your sexy index.If you wear a tight vest or tight pants, at the same time your face is relaxed and constantly twist your body, this posture can be welcomed by men.

3. Look at you

Interest underwear is not only to express the shape, but also pay attention to some details.Tailing eyebrows, flying hair, sexy lip red and drooping eyes can increase your attractiveness, especially the use of eyes, which will make the whole person look more attractive.

4. Be a kitten

Catwoman’s charm has always dumped countless men. Using cat ears and tail props can better increase your taste.At the same time, imitating the cat’s movements and breathing, the charming eyes allocated the heartstrings of the opposite sex, which is extremely sexy.

5. One word horse

If you think your body is not perfect, then the posture of choosing a horse will make you look more charming.After standing in a good position, you can close your belly, and then close your eyes with a sweet smile. Don’t forget to hook the charm and elegant hair. In this way, you will be more gravitational.

6. Stretch your arms

Choosing a sexy underwear with off -shoulder or suspenders can not only show the lines of the body, but also the soft and waxy feeling of women.At the same time, with the posture of stretching the arm, it is undoubtedly a very sultry moment. The body stretchs and is matched with a mature charming temperament, which makes it difficult to resist.

7. Read a book on your stomach

Many people like to lie on the bed when they are at home, choose a slim -fitting sexy underwear, and then match the posture of reading a book. In the black background, the only little skin is exposed, and the fun is unlimited.

8. Sexy bed

Bed is one of the important scenes of fun. Choose a comfortable bed, with sexy sexy underwear, and then choose a sexy posture, such as half -side dormant posture, which will make you more attractive.

Viewpoint: No matter what posture you choose, the most important thing is to be within your own comfortable range. Do not excessive publicity and be exquisite and indifferent to better show your personality.

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