What should I do if I can’t wear sexy underwear for the time being

What should I do if I can’t wear sexy underwear for the time being?

Sexy underwear is a must -have for modern women to seek passion and sexy.But sometimes, we may not be able to wear sexy underwear.At this time, we should not feel lost and helpless. Here are some tips to help you solve the problem that sexy underwear cannot be worn.

Check whether the size is appropriate

Many women often make an error when buying sexy underwear, that is, they do not measure their size carefully.This will cause the purchased sexy underwear to not be put on.Therefore, if you find that the sexy underwear cannot be put on, you must first check whether the size is appropriate.

Try different ways to wear

Each erotic underwear has its special requirements. If you find that a method of wearing is not suitable for you, you can try it in another way of wear.For example, you can try different systems or fasteners, and you may find that improper wear method is the cause of unable to wear.

Try to change the place

Sometimes, the posture when wearing a sexy underwear can also lead to unable to put on sexy underwear.Therefore, you can try different postures, such as lying down or lying flat, etc. to see if you can easily put on sexy underwear.

Keep calm, try many times

If you try the above methods, you still can’t put on sexy underwear, don’t worry, keep calm, try many times.Sometimes small problems may only be solved by trying a few more times.If you find that you are too anxious and panic, the situation will be worse.

Join your own personality elements

Interest underwear is not only to meet the visual needs of men, but also for women’s own sexy and satisfaction.Therefore, if you feel that erotic underwear lacks some of your own personality elements, you can use some accessories or color pens to enhance their personality and taste.

Keep your body, keep your body

Body is very important for sexy underwear. The suitable figure and curve will make the sexy lingerie more beautiful and sexy.Therefore, maintaining a suitable figure and a suitable curve is a necessary condition for the success of sexy underwear.

Preparation before wearing

Sexy underwear is worn on special occasions, so before wearing sex underwear, you need to be fully prepared, such as dressing yourself beautifulMore confident and sexy.

Buy a few more sexy underwear of different styles

Different occasions may require different styles of sexy underwear. If you have only one sexy underwear, you will feel very handsome.Therefore, it is best to buy a few different styles of sexy underwear, and wear different erotic underwear in different occasions. This can not only meet your needs, but also add a lot of sexy color to your sexy.

Seek help

Interest underwear is a very personal thing, but if you have a good friend, you can ask them to help you put on sexy underwear.This can not only increase your confidence and sexy, but also increase the intimacy between friends.

in conclusion

In general, it is not a big problem to not wear fun underwear. You should find problems from yourself and seek solutions.Keep your mentality steady, try different methods and methods, and finally wear it to make yourself confident and charm.

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