What should I do if I try to wear sexy underwear in front of my boyfriend

What should I do if I try to wear sexy underwear in front of my boyfriend?

For many women who love to play with sex products, trying through sexy underwear is a very interesting thing.However, when your boyfriend is present, you may feel a little embarrassed.What should I do?Here are some useful suggestions to help you feel comfortable and confident when you try sexy underwear in front of your boyfriend.

Consider your boyfriend’s feelings

First of all, you need to consider your boyfriend’s feelings.Some men may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.You can communicate with your boyfriend to understand his feelings and comfort before you try to penetrate your sexy underwear.If he is very uncomfortable with this, then you can consider trying to penetrate alone or give up this idea completely.

Choose the underwear style that is suitable for you and boyfriend

When you decide to choose a sexy underwear, you need to ensure that it is not only suitable for you, but also for your boyfriend.Different men may have different preferences for different underwear styles, so you need to choose a style that is suitable for you and your boyfriend.It is best to choose a size suitable for your body, and consider your personal preference and his boyfriend’s aesthetic preference.

Find a private trial place

Trying sex underwear is a private thing. You need to find a place where you feel comfortable and private.This can be your bedroom, bathroom or locker room.You need to ensure that no one else enters and protect your privacy.

Make the atmosphere relaxed and happy

Trying sex underwear should be a relaxed and pleasant process.You can create a comfortable atmosphere for trying to penetrate, such as playing some soft music, lit some fragrant candles, or drink some hot tea.This will help eliminate tension and embarrassment.

Try different accessories

Try to wear sex underwear, you can match different accessories, such as high heels, stockings and eye masks.These accessories can make your overall shape more perfect and increase interest and stimulus.You can try to match these accessories on your own underwear to see if this effect is appropriate.

Try different postures and movements

Trying sexy underwear is an opportunity to show yourself. You can try different postures and movements to show your beautiful body to your boyfriend.You can put a sexy posture on the bed, sofa, or other places that you find it suitable, which will make you and your boyfriend feel very interesting.

Don’t be affected by the boyfriend’s response

Your boyfriend may have a different reaction to your interesting underwear.Some men may stare at you, and some may look very focused, and some may not help but make some sounds.No matter what kind of reaction of my boyfriend, you should not be influenced by them and keep confidence and relaxation.

Enjoy the process of trying on

Trying sexy underwear is an interesting process. You can enjoy this process instead of not only focusing on the reaction of your boyfriend.Trying underwear can give you better understanding yourself and your body, which has a role in improving self -confidence and self -esteem.


Trying sexy underwear in front of her boyfriend can be a very interesting thing or a confusing thing.No matter what you choose, you need to make sure you feel confident, relaxed and happy.Trying sexy underwear is an opportunity to show yourself. You can feel more confident and complacent by showing your beautiful body.

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