What should I do if my girlfriend wears fun underwear

What should I do if my girlfriend wears fun underwear?

Interest underwear is an indispensable part of modern emotional life, and it can add interest and romance between couples.But when girlfriends wear sexy underwear, men may encounter some shy or embarrassing situations.So, what should men do when a girlfriend wears a sexy underwear?This article will be discussed from several aspects.

1. Express praise

Admitting that his girlfriend’s beauty and sexy are a good start.Even if some men may not know how to express it, they can also say some positive words, such as: "You are really beautiful" or "your body is great".This can help girlfriends feel appreciated and loved.

2. Don’t be shy

Many men will be at a loss because of shyness, but when her girlfriend is wearing a sexy underwear, she is ready. She wants you to see her body.The clothes turned into a romantic buddy at this moment.

3. Explore her body

When she puts on sexy underwear, this is a good opportunity to explore her body.However, before exploring her body, make sure she agrees to do so and respects her feelings.Exploring her body is very careful and gentle, which can increase the relationship between couples.

Fourth, enjoy this moment

Interesting underwear can make the atmosphere between couples more romantic and get closer to two people.So when enjoying this moment, don’t be disturbed by anything else, feel the pleasure it brings from the heart, and enjoy this moment.

5. Further development

When a girlfriend appears in front of you wearing a sexy underwear, this is a very good time. You can express your feelings to her, tell her your love and respect for her, or further develop your love, such as more for moreTypes of physical contact to enhance your feelings.

6. Consider her feelings

When you discuss wearing sexy underwear and playing, you have to consider the feelings of his girlfriend, whether she is comfortable, and whether she likes this feeling.Remember to communicate and confirm each other’s feelings, do not force each other, do not cause any harm.

7. Enjoy this moment

Putting on sexy underwear is actually a kind of self -confidence, so when your girlfriend puts on sexy underwear, she will become more confident. She also hopes that you can appreciate the beauty of this moment, so you must enjoy this moment.

8. Find your comfort zone

Wearing sex underwear is not for everyone, some people may feel uncomfortable because of their own body or their shyness.Therefore, finding yourself and your girlfriend can feel comfortable, do not force yourself or each other, and respect each other.

Nine, leave beautiful memories

This is a very romantic moment when your girlfriend puts on sexy underwear.This is part of your love memories, so remember to take a photo or record the video, record it permanently at this moment, and then review this moment together.

10. Conclusion

When your girlfriend puts on sexy underwear, this is a very beautiful and romantic moment.However, at this moment, please try to avoid any uncomfortable or embarrassing situation, respect the other party’s feelings, and listen to the needs of the other party.The most important thing is to believe in the love between you and enjoy this beautiful time.

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