When h, let you wear a sexy container

When h, let you wear a sexy container

As a kind of sex props, sexy underwear plays a very important role in H.Not only can increase interest, add life interest, but also enhance the sensory stimulus when H.So, what do you need to pay attention to when you attack the sexy lingerie?The following is a detailed introduction for you.

1. Choose suitable sexy underwear

To make the sexy underwear in H to play its greatest effect, the first step is to choose suitable sexy underwear.Different underwear styles and materials have their own characteristics. You must choose the appropriate sexy underwear according to your physical characteristics and H needs.

2. Pay attention to clothes matching

When wearing sexy underwear, the matching when going out is also very important.Especially in summer, you can match skirts or large T -shirts.In the autumn and winter seasons, you can use long -sleeved clothes, and you can also consider choosing warm -colored sexy underwear.

3. Keep your body clean

Wearing sexy underwear in H, especially in summer, it is easy to sweat, and you need to keep your body clean.When choosing a sexy underwear, choose a good breathability material to keep the body dry and clean.

4. Pay attention to sexy underwear size

The size of sexy underwear not only directly affects the experience of wearing, but also affects the sexy level of sexy underwear.Therefore, you need to pay attention to whether the size is appropriate when choosing a sexy underwear to ensure that the advantages of the body perfectly show.

5. Have basic skills

Fun underwear plays a very important role in H, but even if we wear sexy, if the skills are not in place, it cannot achieve the expected results.Therefore, in H, we must actively use their basic skills, such as kissing skills, two -handed massage, etc.

6. Drawing on imagination

When h, letting you wear sexy underwear is not only a visual enjoyment, but also needs to exert imagination, create various scenes, and create a stronger H atmosphere.For example, you can try various role -playing to increase the interest of interaction.

7. Pay attention to safety

When attacking to make a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to safety.For example, when using ropes such as rope, it must be tied up, and a certain safety distance should be kept.In addition, in terms of safety measures, it is best to use a stronger bed to ensure safety.

8. After the completion, care of sexy underwear

After wearing a sexy lingerie, in order to protect its sexy and maintenance, appropriate care is needed.It is recommended to wash and dry as much as possible to avoid machine washing and drying. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight to extend the service life.

9. Break the inherent thoughts

When attacking the sex underwear, you should try to open your mind as much as possible, break the traditional inherent thoughts, and explore a more novel and creative H method.Communicate with your partner, try more, there will be unexpected surprises.

10. Conclusion

Participating in sexy underwear H is a very exciting and pleasant thing.Adhering to the openness, beautiful, and healthy mentality, I believe that in the process of attacking the sexy underwear at H, you will definitely resonate with the soul of yourself and your partner to create beautiful memories together.

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