When I find a sexy underwear in my boyfriend’s bed

When I find a sexy underwear in my boyfriend’s bed

When I stepped into my boyfriend’s room, I saw something I never saw -a sexy underwear, put on the bed.

First feeling: confused

I feel a little confused at the moment, because we have never discussed wearing sexy underwear in the conversation.I don’t know what it means or how I react.

Try to calm down

I started to realize that I need to calm down and do not respond in a way of excitement or anger.There may be a reasonable explanation or just a misunderstanding.

Try to understand my boyfriend’s idea

I started to think about why my boyfriend bought sexy underwear, maybe my boyfriend’s needs in trying to balance our relationship, or want to add some stimulus to our sexual relationship.

Start communication

I decided to sit down with my boyfriend and talk well.By talking, we may start to understand the needs of the other party and how to make our relationship more balanced and pleasant.

Respect the other party’s choice

I understand the mood of my boyfriend who wants to try new things. He chose to wear sexy underwear to make our sex life more pleasant.I respect this.

Start trying a new experience

I don’t exclude new experiences, which may make the two of us closer.We can slowly add more stimuli to our sexual relationship.

Discussion boundary

Although I am willing to try new things, border issues need to be considered.We need to disclose each other in our sexual life what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.

Open up

Sitting down and unscrupulous talk may give us better understanding of each other’s needs and desires.

Don’t be affected by the agreement

This incident is likely to cause some contradictions, but we need to maintain an open attitude without being restrained by the so -called protocol.We can try to make our relationship more open and tolerant.

in conclusion

Finally, I think we should maintain an open mind and try to make our sex life richer and exciting.Communication is a powerful way to solve problems, and it is also a way we can understand others and understand others.

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