When is the sexy underwear in the hotel

The problem of sexy underwear in the hotel

With the popularity of sexy underwear, many women have begun to try to wear such sexy underwear in private or social occasions. Therefore, it has become a new trend with erotic underwear in the hotel.Below we will explore the skills and precautions of sexy underwear in the hotel.

Understand the atmosphere and purpose of the occasion

Before choosing a sexy lingerie, we must fully understand the atmosphere and purpose of the hotel.Whether it is a business meeting, a romantic date, a celebration party or a private relaxation are all factors that need to be considered.Usually at business meetings and celebrations, it is suitable for choosing more conservative and simple sexy underwear, and in romantic dating and private relaxation, you can choose a more sexy and bold style.

Comfort is equally important

The comfort of sexy underwear is equally important.Hotels are usually narrow in the place and need to wear comfortable and convenient sexy underwear to avoid affecting their mood and activities.Therefore, when choosing the style of sexy underwear, pay attention to the use of breathable comfort and soft texture and fabric. At the same time, you should also pay attention to whether it is in line with the size and proportion of your body.force.

Style that is consistent with the body

When choosing a style, pay attention to the characteristics of the figure and the parts that need to be avoided.If your particularly beautiful figure can choose some more sexy and back -up styles, and if you have some shortcomings or need to emphasize sexy parts, you can use the hands and feet on the lace or detail to enhance the effect.

Consider the matching of color

In the hotel, the choice of color is also very important.Usually it is black or white. At the same time, the color can be flexibly matched in different occasions and matching.For example, in the private relaxation day, you can choose warm purple, rose red and other warm colors, and you can choose fresh blue and pale yellow color and other colors in business occasions.

Cup and pants -type matching skills

When it comes to the problem of cups and pants, we need to choose a sexy underwear that suits us.If women who are not coordinated enough, you can choose a larger sexy underwear.Women with better figures can choose some creative styles, such as sexy hips or sexy trousers at the same time to increase visual effects.

Avoid excessive skin

When wearing fun underwear in the hotel, pay attention to avoid excessive exposure of the body. Properly show your chest, waist and long legs, which can make you more sexy charm.However, if excessive exposure will not only affect our appreciation and love, it will even trigger the resentment and disgust of others.Therefore, pay attention to moderate and restraint to avoid excessive skin.

Choose the right underwear suit

Interest underwear usually includes various star products, sex sets, sexy panties, sex bra, and sex pajamas. It can be flexibly matched according to personal needs and occasions to create extreme sexy charm.When wearing fun underwear in the hotel, you may use some beautiful and delicate sex sets to enhance your charm and attractiveness.

Good at using accessories and cosmetics

When mating with erotic underwear, good at using cosmetics and accessories is also a good choice to enhance your charm and attractiveness.You can use some cosmetics to modify the facial features, such as lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, etc. to make yourself more energetic and energetic.At the same time, you can also choose exquisite bags, jewelry, shoes and other accessories to enrich your shape.


In the hotel, you need to follow the atmosphere and purpose of the occasion, choose comfort and style and other factors, and be good at matching colors, underwear suits and accessories to create your own sexy shape.At the same time, pay attention to moderate and restraint. Do not expose and expose excessively, so as not to cause other people’s resentment and disgust.To create a unique sexy charm and attractiveness, it has become the focus of everyone and enjoying its own fun and passion.

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