Where can I buy sexy underwear in Harbin


With the continuous opening of social concepts and the transformation of cultural traditions, sexy underwear as a special type of clothing has been accepted by more people, so where can I buy sexy sexy underwear in Harbin?

brand store

There are some sexy underwear brands in the center of Harbin City, such as Victoria Secret.Not only is the variety rich and excellent quality, but also after -sales service is also worthy of trust, but the price is generally high.


In addition to brand stores, large shopping malls are also one of the choices, such as COCO, Century Huarian, Capita, etc. The varieties and models of each brand store in the mall are also relatively rich, and the price is relatively close to the people.


If you want to choose a more affordable sexy underwear, Taobao is also a good choice.Although you ca n’t try it on when you buy it, there are many fun underwear styles here, and the price is much cheaper than physical stores.

WeChat online mall

Now WeChat has also opened a lot of online sexy underwear malls. You can buy your favorite sexy underwear through WeChat search or your own circle of friends.

Adult store

Adult stores are stores for adults, which involve many adults, and sexy underwear is also a relatively important part of it. The price is close to the people, but the quality of underwear may not be as good as big brands.

second-hand market

In the second -hand market, we can see that many people sell some new sexy underwear, which are generally marked with size and brands. If you are sure to determine the size and recognize the brand, the price will be cheaper.

Own production

If you have a certain ability to do it, you can try to do it yourself. You can buy the materials to cut and sew sex underwear yourself. Although it is not as delicate as the brand underwear, it also has a sense of uniqueness.

Romantic hotel

For sexy underwear, the most suitable place is romantic hotels, and Harbin has many high -end romantic hotels. Some hotels even provide sexy underwear, which allows you to experience different pleasures in special places.

On -site pick -up service

Some sex shops provide on -site pick -up services. Choosing such services can not only avoid the cautiousness and hesitation of buying, but also can easily and quickly get their favorite erotic underwear.


If you want to buy more affordable sexy underwear, you can choose e -commerce websites such as Taobao. If you pay attention to quality, brand stores and large shopping malls are a good choice.The final choice should depend on personal needs and budgets, and only those who are suitable for you are the best.

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