Where do you buy sexy containers

Where do you buy sexy containers

As a clothing that can enhance women’s self -confidence and sexy, sexy underwear has received more and more women’s love and attention.However, many women are confused when buying sexy underwear and do not know where to buy.This article will introduce a few ways to buy sexy underwear and their advantages and disadvantages to help women choose to buy a way.

Offline sex products store

Offline sex shops are a more traditional method for buying sexy underwear.These shops are usually formed through leasing shops, which are generally located in a large area of commercial streets or shopping malls.Women can go to the store to buy, understand different materials, styles, sizes and other details, and choose the sexy underwear that suits them best through trial.


1. See the real thing before buying, more assured;

2. You can try it on, buy more accurate;

3. It is more timely to deal with the problem of return and exchange.


1. Time and space costs are high, and it takes a lot of time on the road;

2. There are many people in the surrounding people, and there may be embarrassment and privacy leaks;

3. Some women will not want to buy physical stores because of their shyness.

Online sex underwear mall

Buying sexy underwear online is one of the most popular and most convenient ways to buy.Women use their computers or mobile phones and other devices to log in to the sexy underwear mall for free purchase. They only need to click a few times to buy their favorite sexy underwear.


1. Watching time and space freedom, high convenience;

2. Good privacy, there will be no embarrassment and privacy leak;

3. The price is cheaper than the physical store.


1. Can’t try on clothes, you need to choose according to the detailed information on the product page;

2. There may be inaccurate sizes due to special materials and styles;

3. The service is not intimate, and the processing of returns and exchanges may be slower.

Social e -commerce platform

Social e -commerce platform is a new type of shopping. It integrates various advantages of social interaction and e -commerce shopping, including WeChat public accounts, Taobao, JD.com and other social platforms such as e -commerce platforms and Xiaohongshu.


1. Enjoy the advantages of online and offline at the same time, that is, you can buy sexy underwear online and enjoy the high -quality services of physical stores;

2. The shopping process is relaxed and happy, with distinct social interaction;

3. More intimate pre -sale, sales and after -sales service.


1. Some brands or businesses restrict sales channels may affect the purchase experience;

2. The purchase process is not supported by all weather. It needs to pay attention to the business time of the merchant;

3. It may be evaluated by some users and needs to be cautious.

Taobao Shopping

Taobao purchasing refers to buying sex underwear through purchasing on Taobao. Domestic purchasing and overseas purchasing are available.After the women choose the fun underwear on Taobao, they will contribute to the purchasing purchase fee and the product money through contact with purchasing.


1. Domestic purchasing prices are more favorable than physical stores and social platforms;

2. Overseas purchasing can buy sexy underwear that cannot be bought in China or relatively high quality;

3. Taobao is convenient and fast, with many choices and fierce price competition.


1. It is easy to encounter some bad purchases, and a little carefully appraisal can prevent the finding fake purchasing;

2. There may be problems such as poor communication between the seller and the purchasing agent;

3. Due to logical problems such as international logistics, there may be too long or lost logistics time.

Sexual underwear customization

Many sexy underwear brands have also begun to provide customized services. Women can customize their needs and personalized needs in accordance with their own requirements.


1. Customized sexy underwear styles are diverse and unique, allowing women to show unique sexy and temperament;

2. Customly obey the concept of ergonomic engineering, which can ensure comfort and quality;

3. High degree of personalization, can meet women’s personalized needs, and allow underwear to fit their own personality and ideas.


1. Customized generally requires reservation first and requires more time, not suitable for urgent needs;

2. Customized service requires a certain price, and the quality is not guaranteed by every brand;

3. Need a high consumption amount and spiritual investment.

Stalls, small shops, etc.

Finally, there are some very special shopping methods, such as buying sexy underwear in the stalls, small shops and other places.Although these places are rich in goods, they need to be carefully purchased because quality and services are not guaranteed.


1. The price of goods is cheap;

2. It is close to it, convenient and fast.


1. No guarantee, the quality is not easy to determine;

2. For the above reasons, it is not recommended that everyone buy sexy underwear.

In summary, the best way to buy sexy underwear is to buy e -commerce platforms such as brand -represented and well -reputable brands and Taobao.This can not only ensure quality, but also enjoy good pre -sale, sales and after -sales service.At the same time, there is no need to worry about privacy leakage and embarrassment, and you can also buy a lot of styles and sizes.

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