Where does Ordos sell sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a very teasing underwear. It was originally popular in the West, and now it has received more and more attention in China.Although some people think that it is a bit sexy and exposed, sexy underwear is a good choice for couples who want to increase interest, improve their self -confidence, and enhance sexual life.

Where is Ordos, where is the sexy underwear shop?

As a city with a large population, Ordos, of course, is a messy underwear shop.You can buy it through some shopping platforms (such as Taobao, JD.com, Pinduoduo, etc.), or you can go to physical shopping malls or street sexy underwear shops.Of course, the convenience and privacy protection of online shopping are the advantages of some consumers.

Sexy underwear selection skills

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:


The materials used in sex underwear are silk, lace, dark yarn, and translucent stockings.You need to choose products with soft materials, good quality, comfortable hand feel and good breathability.


The style is usually reflected in the "opening of the opening" and "tailoring".You can choose products that are suitable for your own characteristics, such as bra, lace panties, bodies, etc.


Size is a more difficult place, and it is also an important factor affecting beauty and comfort.When choosing, you should first see your body size, and then find a product that suits you.

Which styles are the most exciting?

There are many types of sexy underwear, and the following is a classification explanation according to the material.

Silk style

Silk is a very valuable material. It has a silky texture, soft touch, soft and beautiful, and has a lot of room for playing in the perspective of sexy.The perspective style is the most common. The chest and lower abdomen are almost exposed, retaining sexy and reducing the embarrassing situation that may occur.


Lace is a very feminine and beautiful material that is most suitable for sexy underwear.A large number of elements such as lace, embroidery, pearls, diamonds, metal buckles can make your heart great satisfaction.The classic styles include opening, back, split, T T_BACK, butterfly back, etc.

Transparent stockings style

Stockings are indispensable items in sexy underwear, and translucent stockings are more sexy and teasing.You can choose socks with patterned stockings, lace, beads, lace and other elements.

How to correctly wear sexy underwear?

When wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to the following skills:

Pay attention to hygiene: All sexy underwear should be cleaned before use to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

Select size: You must choose the size that suits you and pay attention to the comfort of wearing. After all, wear and maintain your condition for a long time.

Putting correctly: Wearing erotic underwear should also pay attention to details.Avoid wrinkles when wearing underwear, making underwear look flat and more beautiful.

Maintenance: Keep dry and hygienic, do not pull hard, wash as much as possible to avoid the sun exposure, so as not to destroy the material.


In modern society, sexy underwear is both a fashion trend and a manifestation of fun.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider it carefully to meet your personality characteristics.How to wear it also requires some skills. Only when we wear correctly can we better show the effect of sexy underwear.In the end, I hope you can gradually solve the affection and enjoy the charm and fun.

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