Where is Japan’s sexual relationship fun underwear

The Japanese sex lingerie market is alone in the world, occupying a pivotal position in the global underwear market.Japanese sexy underwear is undoubtedly the most representative. So, where can I buy the sexiest sexy underwear?Next, this article will introduce you where to have the sexiest sexy underwear in Japan.

1. Shibuya 109 Department Store

Located in Shibuya, it is a cultural landmark of taking pictures and punching cards.Here, you can find countless sexy underwear shops.For example, the underwear style of Emuji Sensual (Aiji Morosa) is diverse and the price is reasonable.

2. Shinjuku Ishidan Department Store

Shinjuku Ishidan Department Store has been one of the popular shopping places for sex underwear since its opening in 1981.Storia Gatto is a brand that is not to be missed to make sexy sexy underwear.

3. Harajuku Milk

Located in Shibuya, focusing on handmade, providing customers with the top sexy underwear.Their style and weird style will move your heart.Different from other brands, they are unique in form and are symbols of modern trends.

4. Tianwangzhou

Here is Japan’s largest sexy underwear specialty store.You will find brands such as Mademoiselle Bikini and Vendome Aoyama. This is the new sex lingerie brand gathering place.The popular style and design make them stand out, showing the magic of fashion.

5. Shinjukoshima House Department Store

Located in Shinjuku, young couples often come to buy sexy underwear.Here are high -end sexy underwear, such as Saucy London, La Perla of Tokyo and Vivienne Tam.They are famous for high -quality, high -quality and comfortable underwear, and are simple and generous.

6. Chibao Marura Department Store

Located in Chibuku, it is a shopping center that tourists love.Their sexy underwear brands mainly include Wacoal, Peach John, Ayano, Kulala, etc., and provide a series of diverse selection of sexy lingerie styles.

7. Ginza Sanyue Department Store

As the most well -known shopping mall in Japan, Ginza Sanyue Department Store offers a variety of sexy underwear brands, including Sagaie, Rose Bud, Pure One, I.D. Sarrieri and Bordelle.The sexy underwear here is not only beautiful, superior to quality, but also pays more attention to comfort.


Shopping malls located near Shinkema Station, providing a variety of sexy underwear brands, including Croissier, AMABILE, HS, Spir Girl Swimmer, etc., which are affordable and are very suitable for young people.

Conclusion: Japan has countless brands and stores in the sexy underwear market. All these brands and stores provide a variety of sexy lingerie styles. Each consumers can find their favorite.Therefore, when traveling in Japan, you can go to these sexy underwear stores to find your own sexy underwear and experience a unique shopping journey.

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