Where to promote sexy lingerie, sell it well

Where to promote sexy lingerie, sell it well

With the increase of people’s openness of sexual culture and commodities, the demand for erotic underwear in the market is increasing.However, in addition to offline sales, online promotion is equally important. So where is the promotion of sexy underwear is better to sell?Here are several promotional channels for you, I hope to help you.

Social media platform promotion

Social media platforms can bring extensive exposure to sexy underwear brands and inspire people to interact and share more.Therefore, products are displayed on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and attract potential customers’ attention through interesting and convincing language and creative posting documents, videos and pictures.Carrying out related live broadcast or offline activities on station B can also increase brand exposure.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an effective way to increase brand rankings and audiences, which can help brands establish long -term stable traffic sources.Fun underwear brands can improve the search ranking of the website by optimizing the website structure and keyword optimization.At the same time, publish articles about sexy underwear on related websites or forums to increase traffic.

New media marketing

New media marketing refers to bringing traffic to sex underwear brands through short video, applet, WeChat public account and other channels.The sexy lingerie brand can open its own WeChat public account, display the characteristics of sexy underwear products on the public account, and increase the brand’s influence.At the same time, the establishment of an online mall on the applet helps the brand to increase sales.

Film and television advertising

The sexy lingerie brand can bring a higher exposure to the brand through the launch of film and television advertisements, and through actual storytelling advertisements, the products are deeply rooted in the hearts of the product.Film and television advertisements can directly drive the products, let people clearly understand the nature of the brand and improve the sales rate.

Offline activity promotion

Sales of offline activities of sexy underwear will be more favored by everyone.The particularity of the product of sex underwear determines that its business model is mainly experienced, so activities such as offline shops, shopping mall exhibitions, hotel exhibitions and large exhibitions are all good sales opportunities.


Giving customers a small gift is also a way of promotion, such as customized paper bags with brand information, potential membership cards with brand logo.At the same time, a prize -rewarding event can be held, inviting consumers to share their own sexy lingerie experience, and establish a humanized brand image.

Carry out brand cooperation

Fun underwear brands can cooperate with other brands, so that both sides can win each other and attract more attention.For example, cooperate with other high -end brands to jointly launch joint products to increase brand exposure.

Promotion of platforms such as Baidu Nuomi and Meituan

Using the promotion function of online shopping platforms, such as group purchase, discounts, etc. can increase the unit price of the customer; and the per capita income level of the platform consumer group is high, good at consumption, can maximize the brand’s promotional effect, and also reduce the risk of brand promotion at the same time.Essence

Maintain merchant reputation

The key to the sales of sexy underwear products lies in the trust of customers.Merchants should try to achieve comprehensive maintenance in terms of product quality and customer service quality to improve customer satisfaction.At the same time, do a good job of after -sales service and shopping experience to achieve brand differentiation.

In short, the key to promoting sexy underwear is to find the channel that is best for your brand, increase the exposure and influence of the brand, and maintain a good brand image.

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