Which brand of sexy lingerie is good?

Which brand of sexy lingerie is good?

Sexy underwear is a sexy and challenging dressed psychology of various clothing specifications.Many brands in the market have launched a variety of sexy underwear, but which brand of sexy lingerie is good?In this article, I will introduce some popular brand sexy underwear on the market, and analyze it based on the characteristics of the brand. I hope to some extent help you make a choice.

1. Ann Summers -Classic Selection

Ann Summers is an old name in the sexy underwear market, starting in 1970.They focus on the design of market products and are a long -established brand.You may see their products in many places, because they have more than 200 stores around the world.

2. Victoria’s Secret -Selection of temptation

Must be able to mention Victoria’s Secret!This is a global brand, mainly an adult underwear biased towards the background of the supermodel.Under this brand, you can find anything from fluffy gauze pajamas to tight lace bra. But anyway, you can look forward to high -quality design.

3. Lovehoney -Small Fresh Selection

LOVEHONEY is a British brand that has quickly expanded its share in the sexy underwear market in the past few years.In addition to the rich adult supplies, LOVEHONEY also has many high -quality sexy underwear, especially those sexy underwear suitable for couples.

4. Agent Provocateur -luxury choice

Although Agent Provocateur is not as good as the past, this is still a luxury brand.Their products are expensive, but when they buy their products, you will find that you are getting a piece of art -instead of just a sexy underwear.

5. Bluebella -Avant -Choose

Bluebella was founded by a female founder and focused on the launch of fashion avant -garde sexy underwear.They often cooperate with fashion designers, adding some new erotic underwear elements to the world.

6. Leg Avenue -Selection of Style

Want to create an unusual scene?Let Leg Avenue take a full body net socks, matching skirts with fluorescent colors or other interesting accessories!This brand may not be designed as "daily wear", but it can definitely bring you some unexpected surprises.

7. Hustler -Selection of Sexy

Want to find sexy sexy underwear?Then Hustler is definitely worth mentioning.This brand was founded by legendary porn producer Larry Flynt, so the sexy underwear style they launched is bolder, suitable for people who want to reflect their personality.

8. Dreamgirl -The choice of diversity

The last recommended brand is Dreamgirl.The sexy underwear style of this brand is very diverse.You can find the thinnest lace underwear, and you can also find a jacket wearing a ball crown and leather vest.No matter what style you like, Dreamgirl can meet your needs.

in conclusion

Here are only some popular sexy underwear brands in the market, of course, there are many other brands.So which brand of sexy lingerie is good?The answer is obvious, that is, the one that suits you is the best!No matter which type of sexy underwear you want, you must choose your body and temperament.

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