Which category category does sex underwear belong to

S classification of sexy underwear categories

Interesting underwear is sexy, private, amazing, sexy, gender underwear, with diverse design and different styles


The most common in sex underwear is bra, including triangular cups, full cups, half cups, steel -free rings and other styles, and can also have different materials and decorations.


There are also many types of pants in sexy underwear, including low -waist trousers, T -shaped pants, G pants and suspenders, which can choose the right style according to your needs.

Local sexy underwear

Even physical underwear is a full -body sexy underwear. It is usually used as a set of choices. It can have various colors and decorations, such as lace, bow, mesh, and naked parts.

Chest sticker

The chest paste is a paste sticking to the chest, which can enhance the sexuality while covering the chest.Two types of chest stickers are divided into two types: one is made of silicone, and the effect is better. The other is composed of fabrics and stickers. It can be used multiple times.

Catwoman clothing

Cats and women’s clothing include scarves, earmuffs, tails and other costumes. They are usually black and white, which is very suitable for sexy underwear.


The most common small parts in sexy underwear are stockings. In addition to the basic styles, stockings can also have various patterns and colors, which can enhance the sexy feeling of sexy underwear.


Interest underwear can also have various decorative parts, such as lace, beads, bow, etc., which can make sexy underwear more fashionable and sexy.

Mature women’s sexy lingerie category

Mature women’s erotic underwear is usually made of loose style, gorgeous colors and more design details to create a sexy and mature atmosphere.


In short, sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear. The design is more bold and more sexy. They can improve their confidence when women wear, and at the same time stimulate men’s sexual interests, and become a bridge between couples.As long as you know your body and the style you like, you can choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

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