White band sexy underwear spray water


In addition to sexy and charming white straps in sexy underwear, there is a special feature -spraying water!This adds a layer of infinite passion and excitement to the sex blessing life between husband and wife.So, how is it realized?This article will reveal it for you.


In order to create a water spray effect, the material selected by the white band sexy underwear is very important.Generally, high -quality polyester, lace, and nylon cellulose materials are selected, and special materials are added to the fabric, such as polymerization.


The water spraying effect also requires the structure of underwear with water spraying.The more common design is to embed the protruding head structure in the breast, add the air pressure storage tank, and control the speed and amount of water spray by regulating the gas pressure.


Pay attention to some details using white straps sexy underwear.Before use, you need to inject water into the storage tank and ensure that the connection pipe at the nozzle is smooth.When spraying water in the associated part, you need to pinch the storage tank and connecting pipe in a suitable position to control the size and speed of the water spray.


Although the white suspender sex lingerie is very exciting, it also needs to pay attention to safety.First of all, before using, you need to soak underwear in warm water, or use a washing machine to avoid underwear caused by bacteria and cause infection.Secondly, when used, pay attention to the temperature of the water to avoid burns the skin.

Cleaning and maintenance

Because underwear has a special structure such as nozzles, cleaning and maintenance also need to be special.When cleaning, you need to separate the underwear, wash it with hand, and then use a special underwear washing agent to gently clean it to avoid damaging the structure and other structures. When drying, you need to pay attention to the cleaning of the nozzle to avoid bacterial breeding.

For people

Not everyone is suitable for spraying water with white suspenders.It is generally recommended to use sexual experiences to use, and it is not recommended to choose from adults or unmarried people, so as not to cause unnecessary disputes and risks.


After spraying with white band sexy underwear, it can enhance the sexual interests and stimulation of both parties and increase the degree of pleasure of sex.At the same time, it can also promote the intimacy and communication of the relationship between husband and wife, and enhance each other’s emotions.


The white straps sexy underwear water spraying is slightly higher than the general sexy underwear in terms of price, but the relatively cost -effective is still relatively high.Before buying, you can consider the acceptable price range and choose your own actual needs and economic capabilities.

in conclusion

In general, the white band sexy underwear water spraying can increase the emotional intimacy and sexual interest between husband and wife.However, it is necessary to pay attention to safety and hygiene when using, and it is not suitable for minors or unmarried people.Costing needs to be selected in combination with actual conditions to avoid damage to the relationship between husband and wife due to economic pressure and other factors.

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