Why do men’s sexy underwear less underwear

Why do men’s sexy underwear less underwear

The share of men’s sex lingerie in the entire sexy underwear market is far less than women’s underwear.This phenomenon has attracted people’s attention, so we need to explore the situation of the men’s sex underwear market and why men’s sexy lingerie is less.In this article, we will introduce the status quo of the men’s sex underwear market and try to answer this question.

1. Men’s attitude towards sexy underwear

Men’s attitude towards sexy underwear has been affected by many cultural and social factors.For a long time, sexy underwear is regarded as an exclusive field of women, while men are expected to maintain a traditional way of dressing.Therefore, men are more conservative compared to women, and their acceptance of sexy underwear is relatively low, which has also led to relatively small market share of men’s sexy underwear.

2. The influence of cultural and social background

In some cultures and social backgrounds, sexy underwear is regarded as immoral and inappropriate.This concept can lead to men’s hesitation and resistance to sexy underwear, thereby limiting the expansion of the men’s sex underwear market.However, as people are becoming more and more open and accepted, the market share of men’s sex lingerie has begun to rise.

3. Lack of consumer needs and consciousness

In the traditional male consumer goods market, sexy underwear is not a mainstream consumer product category.Therefore, compared to women, men may lack the needs and purchase consciousness in sexy underwear.In addition, because men’s understanding and understanding of sexy underwear is relatively low, the requirements and expectations of sexy underwear design, materials and functions are more vague.

4. The difficulty of product design and production

Compared to women, men’s body shape is more difficult to design and produce suitable sexy underwear.In most cases, men’s body shape is more straightforward than women, which makes the design and production of sexy underwear more complicated.In addition, men’s body parts also require higher design skills and material requirements, which also increases the difficulty of making men’s sexy underwear.

5. Restrictions on sales channels

Men’s sexy underwear sales channels are relatively small than women’s underwear.Sex products stores and adult products are often the only sales channels.This sales model often leads to a more limited market share of merchants.At the same time, in the store sales, men often feel embarrassed and uncomfortable, so they selectively avoid buying sexy lingerie.

6. Price and positioning issues

Men’s sexy underwear is often positioned as a high -end and luxurious market, and the pricing is relatively high.This makes the market positioning of men’s sex lingerie is not clear enough and is not easy to be accepted by ordinary consumers.In contrast, the market positioning of women’s sex underwear is relatively clear and pricing is more affordable.Therefore, men’s sexy underwear is often regarded as luxury goods and is not practical enough.

7. Lack of advertising promotion and brand image

Compared to women’s erotic underwear, men’s sex lingerie lacks advertising and the establishment and spread of brand image.Due to various reasons, men’s sexy underwear brands are relatively small, and they have not established their own advertising communication platform.This makes men’s erotic underwear unable to be widely recognized and accepted.

8. Limitation of language and culture

Although sexy underwear is an international market, different cultural and language barriers will also affect the market acceptance of men’s sex lingerie.In some cultures, men wearing fun underwear are regarded as indecent and inappropriate behaviors.In some countries and regions, the market concept of men’s sex lingerie does not exist at all.Therefore, the limitations of language and culture have also become an obstacle to the men’s sex underwear market.

in conclusion

All in all, the men’s sex underwear market is facing a variety of complex factors and challenges.Men’s attitude, cultural and social background, consumer needs and consciousness, product design and production difficulty, sales channels, price and positioning problems, lack of advertising propaganda and brand image, and language and culture are restricted.The development of men’s sex lingerie.In the future, we need to be more open and diverse cultural and fashion concepts, and at the same time promote the innovation and development of the male sex underwear industry, and provide more diverse and practical choices for male consumers.

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