Why do you always buy sexy underwear?

Why do my wife always buy sexy underwear?

Many husbands will have such confusion: Obviously there are several sets of underwear of different styles, and his wife still likes to buy sexy underwear.Why is this?Next, we will analyze the reason from several aspects.

Higher sexy

A good erotic underwear makes women look more sexy and charming.Compared with ordinary underwear, sexy underwear pays more attention to the choice of design and material. Usually, transparent lace, mesh and other materials are used to make women’s figure curves more prominent.When women buy sexy underwear, they also pay more attention to their sexuality and pursue more perfect visual effects.

Increase interest

As a visual stimulus, sexy underwear can increase the taste of couples and stimulate the desire of both sides.Some sexy lingerie styles can also increase the contrast of gender characteristics, making the interaction between couples more interesting and exciting.Therefore, adding sexy underwear in the life of husband and wife can improve the quality of life and increase the interest of life.

Express your inner self -confidence

When women wear sexy underwear, they feel confident and charm.Because sexy underwear is usually focused on sexy and personalized design, women wearing them generally dare to express their inner needs and ideas, showing different aspects that are different from usual.At the same time, sexy underwear is often regarded as a private item, making women feel more unique and rich.

Suitable for different occasions

Like other underwear, sexy underwear is also worn on different occasions, such as celebrating days, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc., or specially purchased in order to strengthen the emotions of couples or increase interest.Different types of erotic underwear are suitable for different occasions, such as feasts, when you get along, pass your passion, etc.Women will choose different sexy underwear according to different occasions to express their attention to the occasion and respect their bodies.

Change the monotonous in life

In marriage life, the life between husband and wife sometimes looks tedious.Wearing sexy underwear can bring a little change, visually stimulate the other half of emotions, make the marriage relationship more harmonious, and have a better venting and experience in life.Therefore, sometimes buying sex underwear is also to "save" marriage.

Destroy your desire

In emotional relationships, women’s sexual desire may not be weaker than men.Wearing sexy underwear can make women more relaxed their desires in sexual behavior.At the same time, women wearing sexy underwear are more likely to mobilize sexual desire and make sexual life smoother and natural.

Satisfy the curiosity about new things

Women are naturally curious.I always like to try new styles, new styles, and new styles.Therefore, the continuous innovation and replacement of sexy underwear is in line with the nature of women, satisfying their curiosity and pursuing taste of new things.

Suitable for diverse figures

Women are diverse, and the design of sexy underwear can also meet the needs of different figures.For example, for women with smaller chests, you can choose sexy underwear with lace lace and some filling to help breast enhancement and increase sexuality.For women with large breasts, you can choose the sexy underwear of transparent fabrics to make the curve more sexy and beautiful.

Enhance your own charm

When women wear sexy underwear, they usually show a more confident attitude and show the unlimited side of charm.Because the color and design of sexy underwear are thought -provided, it can highlight the beautiful curve and sexy charm of women.At the same time, women wearing sexy underwear will also pay more attention to their physical maintenance and establish good living habits to achieve their own health, beauty and confidence.


In short, there are many reasons for women to buy sexy underwear.In addition to satisfying your desires and curiosity, wearing sexy underwear can also increase sexuality, express your self -confidence and personality, and change the monotonous life to increase interest.Therefore, couples can also increase interest, rich sexual life, and establish a good marriage relationship by buying sexy underwear.

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