Why does a boyfriend don’t like sexy underwear

My boyfriend doesn’t like sexy underwear, what is because?

When women wear sexy underwear, they often expect to attract their boyfriend, but sometimes her boyfriend does not like this dress, which makes many women feel confused.So, why don’t boyfriend like sex underwear?

Boyfriend prefers the charm of nature

Boyfriend may prefer natural charm.In fact, many men think that sexy underwear can make women’s bodies look natural, so it is easy to destroy the charm of women.Men are more willing to see natural body curves, rather than being shaped.

My boyfriend thinks that the sexy underwear is too pretty

Boyfriend may also think that the sexy underwear is too arrogant, which is usually related to the personality of the boyfriend and the way of life.Some men may feel that the sexy underwear is a bit too much, which is too pursuing the effect and causes a little fake effect. These men usually like more natural and kind women. They like women’s personality charm.

Boyfriend does not want sexy underwear to become a representative of sex

Many men are worried that love underwear will make them feel sexualized by girlfriends, or the appearance of sexy underwear has reduced their power in the relationship.In the eyes of men, women should be gentle, considerate, and romantic rather than pursuing sexy tools.Therefore, sexy underwear makes men feel uneasy in some cases.

My boyfriend is concerned about the stress of the aesthetic underwear

Many men will have their own aesthetic concepts. Girlfriends wear sexy underwear may make them don’t know how to respond.Men may worry that what he said will make his girlfriend feel that he is not good enough, and may even make his girlfriend feel that his figure is not as good as others.This pressure is very unnecessary for her boyfriend, so they will have a bad air with their girlfriends.

My boyfriend thinks that sexy underwear seems too much

The design of sexy underwear is usually very cool and high -profile, which will look more embarrassing for some men, so they are a bit exclusive to sexy underwear.For such men, they usually like those with low -key but temperamental women, rather than too public sexy women.

Sexy underwear may make her boyfriend embarrassed

Although not all men are like this, some men may feel embarrassed to make their girlfriend wearing fun underwear.For example, they are worried that there will be unnecessary pressure, so that they will spend time pay attention to the problems of sexy underwear, their design, wearing, and sexual performance.For some men who are not confident, this situation may cause greater pressure.

My boyfriend thinks that sexy underwear is not much different from ordinary underwear

For some men, they may think that there is no difference between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear.For these men, they don’t want to spend too much time to understand different types of sexy underwear, but they want some simple, fresh, comfortable simple and simple underwear. This underwear can relax and immerse them in loved women.In the breath.

My boyfriend thinks that sexy underwear is different from the standard sexy sexy

Boyfriend may also feel that sexy underwear is different from standard sexy clothing.For these men, they don’t want their girlfriends to put on a sexy clothes.This may be related to the different requirements and quality requirements of men.For these men, sexy underwear seems to show the sexy charm of women more perfectly.

Boyfriend thinks that sexy underwear is a bit tacky

For many men, sexy underwear is a bit tacky, which makes people unable to look directly.This will make them feel that the girlfriend does not accumulate the sloppy paragraphs and is very obvious to obtain props, which will cause a little loss and trouble.And this kind of tacky problem may cause her boyfriend’s greater trust and confusion.


In general, men like natural beauty, not women who are excessively dressed.Although sexy underwear has its unique charm, wearing sex underwear cannot immediately allow themselves to occupy an absolute position among men. Therefore, choosing to combine their own personality charm and needs can better attract their boyfriend.

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