Why does the sexy underwear design open crotch

What is sexy sheet

Sexy underwear, also known as sexy underwear, is a unique female underwear with many different styles and materials.Unlike ordinary underwear, sexy underwear focuses on showing female body curves and emphasizes female charm and sexy.Most of the sexy underwear is suitable for the private relationship between couples, which can increase each other’s taste and sexual interest.They are usually made of gauze, lace and other thin materials, and usually only cover the necessary parts.

Why does the sexy underwear design open crotch

Many sexy underwear is designed as an open crotch. This is a very special design. So why does the sexy underwear need to be designed as an open crotch?Let’s take a look.

Enhance sexy breath

As a sexy underwear, sexy underwear is the main function of enhancing and showing the sexy atmosphere of women to attract the attention of the opposite sex.Designed as a sexy underwear for open crotch can better emphasize the sexy and charm of women.

Meet special needs

The fun underwear design of the open crotch is mainly designed to meet some special needs.For example, when husbands and wives or couples have sex at a private moment, women do not have to take off their underwear, so that they can better meet the sexual needs of men and increase the intimacy between the two.

Convenient sex

The fun underwear design of the crotch can make women very convenient when performing sexual behavior.Women do not have to undress completely while enjoying sex.This brings more full imagination to preparatory men and brings more happiness to women.This is why many couples or couples choose to open crotch sexy underwear.

Provide sex new experience

Trying new things is very interesting and exciting, and sexy underwear provides a new sex experience.More specifically, opening the crotch sex underwear is a brave attempt, which can make people feel unusual experience, thereby bringing more freshness and excitement.

Enhance the fun experience

Many erotic underwear are designed to increase sex. Open crotch erotic underwear is one of the best ways to increase this experience.They allow men to enjoy more strange caressing, making women feel more free and relaxed when sexual sex, thereby increasing intimacy.

Meet the needs of enthusiasts

Many people are sexy underwear enthusiasts. They are pursuing their feelings for beauty and new experience.These enthusiasts usually choose to open the crotch sexy underwear, because this design meets their desire to exploration and can also make them greater satisfaction.

It can keep women feel like wearing clothes

Open crotch erotic underwear is a specially designed underwear that allows women to make their clothes wear on their bodies. When performing sex, do not have to take off their clothes completely.This is very important for some women who do not like naked. They can keep women feel like wearing clothes when enjoying sex.

Can promote mutual understanding and communication between couples

Open crotch sex lingerie can promote mutual understanding and communication between couples or couples.Because they are a way to share and explorators, allowing two people to better understand each other’s sexual needs and hope.This is very important for the development of the two people.


In summary, the open crotch sex underwear does have some very practical benefits.Over time, the design of this underwear has become more and more popular.They can not only provide a new sex experience, but also allow people to better understand the sexual needs between themselves and their partners, and increase their emotions. ThereforeThe more important.

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