Why is Taobao old recommended sexy underwear

Why is Taobao always recommended sexy underwear

If you are a loyal user of Taobao, you may often find that some sexy underwear recommendations appear on your homepage.So the question is, why do Taobao old recommend sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is one of Taobao hot products

First of all, sexy underwear is one of the popular products on Taobao.According to Taobao data, the sales of sexy underwear have maintained a stable growth.This also means that sexy underwear is a very market demand.

Taobao exclusive creation of sexy underwear brands

Secondly, Taobao is constantly trying to build its own sexy underwear brand.There are many sexy underwear brands on Taobao, and some brands are even created by Taobao themselves.In order to build its own brand, Taobao will use sexy underwear as one of the key promotion products.

Interest underwear has a high profit margin

Interest underwear is one of the products with higher profit margins.For example, the cost of some sexy underwear is equivalent to ordinary underwear, but the price is much higher than that of ordinary underwear.This means that when a sexy underwear is sold, the seller can get higher profits.In this regard, fun underwear is an attractive product for Taobao sellers.

Sexy underwear focuses on private areas

The promotion advantage of sexy underwear is that it focuses on products in private areas.Compared to other products, the purchase experience of sexy underwear is relatively private.This means that people buying such products often need higher confidentiality.Taobao makes full use of this to promote sexy underwear as a representative product in the private field.

Interest underwear suitable for consumers with different sexual orientation

At the same time, sexy underwear is also suitable for consumers of different sexual orientation.Interest underwear has a variety of styles, different colors and different shapes, which can meet the needs of consumers with different gender and different sexual orientation.As an objective e -commerce platform, Taobao needs to meet the needs of different users, and the promotion of sexy underwear is based on this reason.

Consumers will buy sexy underwear as a gift

On the other hand, sexy underwear is a very popular gift on Taobao.Many consumers choose to buy sexy underwear as gifts to their partners or friends.Taobao is also using this to promote sexy underwear to consumers who want to give gifts.

Sexy underwear has a certain cultural connotation

Finally, sexy underwear also has a certain cultural connotation in China.Interest underwear is not only a product, but also a cultural and aesthetic experience.In the eyes of some consumers, sexy underwear is a unique cultural symbol.Taobao will not ignore this, and will use this cultural connotation to promote sexy underwear.


In short, there are many reasons for Taobao to promote sexy underwear.It is not only a product, but also a manifestation of culture, aesthetics and consumer experience.To understand these reasons, we can better understand Taobao values and business strategies.Taobao can meet user needs by promoting sexy underwear, and can also create help and profits for sellers.I believe that in the future, we will see that the promotion of sexy underwear on Taobao will be more extensive and interesting.

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