Why is there no sex underwear shop

Fun underwear market prospects

With people’s attention to sexual health and sexual blessings, the sexual product industry has shown a rapid growth trend.As a kind of sexy underwear, it should also have huge market potential.But the actual situation is that it is difficult for us to see the sex lingerie shop in a business center or shopping center.So why do we have no interesting lingerie shop?

Traditional culture restraint

China has a long cultural tradition, and the restraint of traditional culture has made sexy underwear regarded as an "unfair" industry for a long time.Many commercial areas are unwilling to rent stores for sexy underwear stores, and even have more restrictions in policies.As a result, the number and scale of sex lingerie stores are limited.

Interesting the lingerie market is not well -known

Compared with other adult products, the popularity of sexy underwear is relatively low.Therefore, in order to increase brand awareness and market share, sexy underwear merchants need to carry out more publicity and marketing activities.And this propaganda is regarded as a "bad behavior", so the sexy underwear industry is facing greater difficulty in publicity.

Single product style

In fact, there is also a problem with a single product style in the sexy underwear market.Different from traditional underwear, sexy underwear requires innovation and diversity.Only on the basis of providing more colorful product styles, can the sexy underwear industry have more market opportunities.

The management is not in place

Some sexy underwear merchants are not well operated, and there may be problems with chaos, inadequate services, and poor quality.This not only affects consumers’ confidence and consumer experience of sexy underwear, but also makes the influence of the sex underwear industry more limited.

Insufficient supporting services

In addition to good product quality, sexy underwear stores also need to provide good after -sales service and offline purchase experience.However, because the development of the industry is not mature enough, the sexy underwear merchants do not have this service and experience, which makes it difficult for consumers to be satisfied.

intense market competition

There is still a lot of competitive pressure in the sex underwear market.Due to the limited market share, competition between merchants is often "winning the market at low prices."For sexy underwear merchants with low popularity and relatively high production costs, it is even more difficult to operate.

Foreign market influence is limited

Due to the differences in Chinese and Western cultures, the influence of the sex underwear market has a small impact.Of course, some brands have also received good reputation at the international performance exhibition.However, in general, sexy underwear is facing huge challenges in foreign markets, and it also restricts the development of domestic sexy underwear companies.

Lack of brand operation

The erotic underwear market lacks brand operations and construction.There is a great gap in brand management and publicity and marketing.Interesting underwear manufacturers with good brand management and brand operations can bring more market opportunities.

Social moral conceptual issues

The existence of the sexy underwear market is also affected by social moral concepts.Many people think that the sexy underwear industry is an unjust industry, and it is easy for topics such as "obscenity" and "obscene".In this case, the sex underwear industry needs to pay more efforts to prove its legitimacy and legitimacy.

Conclusion and Outlook

Although the sex underwear industry is facing the above series of problems, we can still see the future prospects of the sex underwear market.In fact, today, with rapid development, the sexy underwear industry is further mature and developed.It is hoped that sexy underwear merchants will pay more attention to the improvement of their own brands and product formats in business activities, and make the fun underwear industry more professional and mature.I believe we can usher in the spring of the sexy underwear market.

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