Wife’s mother’s sexy underwear

Wife’s mother’s sexy underwear

When my wife invited her mother to live in our house, I did not think that it would be a challenge, at least when I was mentally prepared.But when I found that her mother was not only a gentle and considerate person, but also longing for her marriage life, the situation became more tricky.She asked me if I knew some information about sexy underwear because she wanted to try something new.As the only person in our family who understands this, I know I need to do my best to help.Here are some information and suggestions to help you choose sexy underwear for your wife’s mother.

The physical problem of the elderly

The physical problems of the elderly are first considered.Especially for elderly women, the skin becomes fragile and is very sensitive to certain materials.When it comes to sexy underwear, it is best to choose soft materials, such as velvet or silk.These materials are not only soft and warm, but also help reduce the occurrence of allergic reactions.

Understand the body cover

We need to ensure that the selected sexy underwear will not expose the physical defects of elderly women.Therefore, when buying, you need to consider the problem of covering.For example, you need to choose sexy underwear with a tulle and lace to cover the relaxation skin problems on the jaw and arms.If your mother -in -law is more confident, you can choose a lace sling sexy underwear.This will make her feel very good, but she can still maintain proper body cover.

Color problem

After understanding the body cover, we need to consider color.Color should be selected according to age, personal preference and skin color tone.For elderly women, we can choose some warm colors, such as dark red, purple, rose gold or brown.These colors can make them feel sexy, but they are still relatively conservative choices and will not seem too public.

Appropriate size is very important

For sexy underwear, the size is very important.If you buy too small, it will make old women uncomfortable, and if you buy too much, not only will it not be covered, but it may also make women feel more loose.Therefore, you must make sure to choose the right size when buying, which can greatly enhance their self -confidence.

Select sexy design elements

When choosing a sexy underwear, please pay attention to the sexy design elements.For example, deep V -neck or low -cut design can show the chest curve well and increase the sexy index.Similarly, the details mixed with lace or silk can highlight the young skin color and lines, thereby achieving the effect of enhancing the sexy index.However, don’t choose too dazzling designs such as too complicated, diamonds and jewelry, because those too gorgeous designs will make them become home, old -fashioned, and not spicy.

Underwear is not all sexy

You need to understand that underwear is just a sexy part.Elderly women need to find the origin of self -confidence.Remind my mother -in -law to pay attention to diet. Proper fitness work and maintenance will improve their physical and mental state, making them more confident and sexy.

keep warm

Depending on the age, the warmth of the body may be reduced, so when choosing a sexy underwear, please pay attention to keeping warm.Choose a thicker underwear or add a thicker jacket, which allows them to keep them warm when wearing sexy underwear.This is definitely an important thing.

Pay attention to safety and comfort

If at any time, safety and comfort are crucial.Whether your wife or mother -in -law, they should feel safe and comfortable when wearing sexy underwear.Choose breathable, soft and suitable for long -term style.For the entry level, you can choose some mature and stable styles that will not be too avant -garde.

Selection of accessories

Finally, you need to pay attention to the matching of sexy underwear.After wearing underwear, you can choose to match some accessories to increase the effect of sexy underwear, such as high heels and shawls.But also need to pay attention to the appropriate style.

in conclusion

The above is a suggestion for choosing sexy underwear for my wife’s mother.Interest underwear is not just for the enjoyment of young women, but for all women.Regardless of whether it is figure or age, choosing the right sexy underwear can help women restore confidence, break the monotonous of marriage life, and add a fresh and interesting flavor to life.

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