Will you discover if you throw your sexy underwear?

Will you discover if you throw your sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is the most private choice for many women, but have you ever thought about throwing them away, what would you find if you try not wearing underwear?The following is the sharing of ideas and experience, I hope to help you make a wise decision.

1. Comfort

Without any burden, without wearing underwear, I feel relaxed every day.Even a comfortable underwear can feel pain on the shoulders and backs after long for a long time.No underwear can solve this problem, making people feel relaxed.

2. Self -confidence

Eliminate the sense of restraint and discomfort brought by underwear, and not wearing underwear will make you feel more free and confidently do anything.Without restrictions, it is easier to express your personality.

3. Health status

Wearing too tight or loose underwear can affect blood circulation, causing chest discomfort and pain.Do not wear underwear to help improve these symptoms.Even if you are particularly in line with your underwear, you will limit your breathing ability. It will make you relax without wearing underwear, and your breathing is easier.

4. Social occasions

I am afraid that underwear traps will bring you unnecessary trouble in some social occasions.You don’t need to pay attention to whether your underwear is consistently consistent with wearing.Not wearing underwear will make you feel more comfortable.

5. Economy

Choosing high -quality underwear requires some financial support, and often needs to be updated.No need to wear underwear, you don’t need to consider being restrained by underwear or design tightly, saving the cost of buying high -quality underwear, so that you can use funds more freely.

6. Clothing

Do not wear underwear also gives you a better choice space for wearing style.Many cute tops and dresses have problems that are too large and unable to wear underwear.Abandoning underwear is to open a new world of wearing.

7. Personal style

No lingerie restraint allows you to try more personal styles -such as exquisite gauze shirts, low V -neck skirts, and suit suits with leather gloves and belts all show the popular style today.

8. Adapt to various occasions

Sometimes we need to take pictures on strange occasions.Rather than worrying about whether underwear will affect your appearance, it is better to relax and show your true self.This also meets our requirements for beauty and confidence at all times.

In short, throwing fun underwear will indeed remove the feeling of being restrained and give you the opportunity to try to wear new and appreciate the beautiful style image.No matter what kind of underwear and style you choose, don’t forget to choose the comfort that suits you.

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