Women used sexy underwear for the first time

Use sexy underwear for the first time

For women, the first time you use sexy underwear may feel a little nervous and shy, so you need to master some tips to enjoy this moment more pleasant.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

First, choose a sexy underwear that suits you.It is very important to understand the characteristics and preferences of your body.If you like sexy temperament, you can choose a more exposed and high -quality underwear; if you want to increase your body curve, you can choose a underwear with steel rings and plugging cups.

Proper adjustment of underwear

Before wearing a sexy underwear, you must adjust the underwear appropriately.This includes regulation of loose bands, shoulder straps and other parts.The proper underwear can make you more comfortable, and the appropriate shoulder strap can make the underwear more fit.

Increase interest and surprise

The sitting position and standing position of the underwear are very different. When you wear underwear, you can take a cat step or turn around to increase the taste and surprise.In addition, choosing appropriate makeup and accessories can make you more sexy and charming.

Pay attention to the quality and fabric of the underwear

The quality and fabric of underwear are very important.If the quality of clothing is not good, it may look cheap on the surface, and it may bring discomfort.Therefore, choose good quality, soft and comfortable fabrics.

Cooperate with your partner

The greatest significance of wearing a sexy underwear is to add new fun to your sex life, and cooperating with your partner can achieve the best results.Make your sex more harmonious and increase each other’s emotions and interactions.

Put on the right amount of underwear in time

Underwear shaped the figure, but be careful not to excess.If you have been wearing sexy underwear too often, it will bring a certain burden to the body.Therefore, replacing the appropriate underwear at the right time can help the body get better rest and relax.

Pay attention to the maintenance of underwear

Some erotic lingerie’s fabric quality is relatively fragile, so it is necessary to take special care.Pay attention to separate washing, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature, and also choose appropriate cleaning agents.

Active practice and attempt

Finally, you need to actively practice and try.Only through actual wear and feelings can we better understand their preferences and characteristics, and gradually discover more possibilities.


Wearing erotic underwear is a way to increase sex and interaction, but you need to pay attention to some tips in terms of choice, wear, maintenance and other aspects.It is hoped that women can find their physical potential and charm through positive attempts and practice, and create a better sex life for themselves and partners.

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