Women who are in sex lingerie are good -looking

Women who are in sex lingerie are good -looking

1. Small figure

For young girls, it is best to choose a relatively simple design to avoid visual complexity, and at the same time, it can also shape the body lines.Choose some three -dimensional underwear, such as folds or embroidery, which can enhance the aesthetics of women.

2. Plum body

Full girls, when choosing a sexy underwear, it is best not to be too publicized. Choose some simple and elegant styles, mainly self -cultivation, and avoid using too fancy elements.The black series is a better choice, which can have a good abdomen effect.

3. Slim body

Sleep girls are generally willing to create their sexy feelings by wearing sexy underwear.Choose some light and breathable and soft underwear styles to show the beauty of women.At the same time, color combination and various details and design sexy underwear are also good choices.

4. wide shoulders

Women with a wide shoulder should avoid choosing sexy underwear with too simple and too much slimming, because this will highlight the wide shoulders.Choosing some sexy underwear such as tulle, hollowingout, etc., can play a better body shaping effect.

5. Short legs

When choosing a sexy underwear with short -legged women, it is best to choose high -waisted underwear to pull the waistline and increase the visual length of the legs.If you put it on the top, you can choose some V -shaped styles to raise the neck lines and visually dilute the lack of legs.

6. Big breast girl

Girls with big breasts need to choose more comfortable and sexy styles when choosing sexy underwear.It is best to choose underwear designed with steel rings, wide shoulder straps, thick cups, etc., which can better support the chest without causing problems such as paramilk.

7. Little breast girl

For girls with smaller breasts, sexy underwear can have a good plastic chest effect.Choose some sexy underwear with squeezing and higher effects, such as chest pads or push cups, which can increase the three -dimensional feel of the chest and make the chest look tighter.

8. White girl

Girls with fair skin tone may choose some saturated sexy underwear.And color should be avoided as much as possible in color, such as amber, orange, rose red, dark blue, etc. are a good choice.

9. Girl with black skin

Girls with darker skin tone can choose more fresh sexy underwear, such as pale pink, pale yellow, light blue, etc.These colors have a better skin -friendly feeling, and it is easier to bring comfortable feelings.

10. Unique temperament

For girls with full personality, according to their own temperament and hobbies, they can choose some special sexy underwear, such as styles with print patterns, styles with flashes.Such clothing can not only show your sexy image, but also better create your own personal characteristics.

In short, sexy underwear is not only a kind of underwear, but also can bring more beauty and confidence to women.When choosing, we need to comprehensively consider our body, skin, temperament and other factors, and finally find the style and style that suits us.

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