Women’s erotic lingerie brand rankings


Women’s erotic underwear is a necessity for modern women, which can not only improve personal charm, but also a tool for improving emotional life.However, there are many brands on the market, which has discouraged many women.This article will introduce the 10 most popular women’s sexy underwear brands in the current market to provide you with a reference for buying.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s secret is known as the queen of sexy underwear, and its brand is very representative.Its underwear is unique and irritating. It is not only good quality, but also has high cost performance. Each woman can have their favorite style.

European and American tender model

European and American tender moldy underwear is a sexy underwear brand focusing on European and American style. It is characterized by diverse styles, fashionable styling, and affordable prices.

Yalu sexy underwear

Yalu’s sexy underwear is a brand that focuses on women’s health. Its underwear materials are mostly skin -friendly and pays great attention to comfort.In addition, its degree of stimulation is also moderate, which can not only improve women’s charm, but also meet the needs of tolerant partners.

Jojo queen

Jojo Queen is a high -end erotic lingerie brand. The underwear is very good and the shape is extremely unique. It can improve the charm of women and bring visual aesthetics.The price is high and suitable for women who pursue high -quality.

Seductive star

The seductive star brand focuses on sexy and highly irritating style. It is very popular in the circle of women who love and playful, because of its sexy and cute characteristics.Good quality and moderate price.

Love angel

Love angels and sexy underwear brand styles focus on using crystal jewelry as an auxiliary materials, which reflects the brand’s sense of artistic art.At the same time, the requirements for comfort are also high.The price is relatively expensive, suitable for women who like quality.

La Perla

La Perla is a Italian sexy underwear brand. Its lingerie is elegant and noble, and the price is relatively expensive. It is suitable for women who pursue quality and delicate texture.


Love is charming and erotic underwear brand positioning is younger. The underwear style created by it is simpler and stylish, bright in color, suitable for young women like youthful vitality.


Lace lace sexy underwear brand styles are mostly made of lace, lace, etc., making the underwear as if it has become an elegant and noble artwork, which is popular with some women.

Cat girl

Cat Girl’s sexy underwear brand is mainly positioned in Japanese style. It is cute, small and fresh, and strong in literary and artistic. It is suitable for those who pursue cute and fresh women.


In summary, women’s sexy underwear is an essential tool for women to enhance emotional life. Different brands are suitable for different women.When choosing, in addition to style and suitable use, you should also pay attention to your own sense of suitableness and quality.

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