Women’s style opening sexy underwear

Women’s style opening sexy underwear

Women’s open -stall sex underwear is a sexy, eye -catching underwear. It is a good choice for couples who want to try freshness and increase interest.The opening design not only meets the visual temptation, but also meets actual needs.Next, we will introduce you to the knowledge of the style, material, matching, and precautions of women’s open -stall sex underwear.

Style introduction

The style of women’s open -stalls is very diverse.There are V -shaped, T -shaped opening design, as well as various patterns such as lace lace and hollow mesh eyes.In addition, common styles include straps, three -point, four -point style, etc.The open areas of different styles are not the same. Some are only small crotch parts, and some are open to the entire lower body.Each style can meet the personalized choices of different needs.

Material selection

The material of women’s open -stalls in sexy underwear is generally divided into lace, cotton, linen and other types.Among them, lace is the most common material. It is soft, moisturizing and breathable, and it looks very sexy.At the same time, lace -made underwear has good flexibility, so it is more comfortable and fit in shape when using.And cotton underwear is suitable for women with sensitive skin, sweat, breathable, and comfortable.It is also suitable for the use of sex toys.Of course, material selection is mainly comprehensive consideration of personal preferences and comfort.

Matching skills

Women’s open -stall sex underwear can also be matched with other clothing.For example, it can be paired with long sex stockings so that women’s beautiful legs can be more sexy and charming.You can also use high heels to create a sexy atmosphere.If you want to be more stunning, you can match a transparent robe, so that you can block some body and make the posture of women more attractive.


Women’s open -stall sex underwear needs to be cleaned and maintained correctly after use, which can extend the service life.First of all, cleaning according to the instructions on the label. Generally, it is recommended not to use a washing machine. Hand washing is safer and hygienic.Using neutral laundry, the water temperature should not be too high, soak for a long time, and do not expose it.After drying, you need to iron to kill the bacteria and eliminate the odor.

Tips for fun

Opening up and sexy underwear is not just a must -have for couples to play flirting. More often, it is also one of the irritating sex toys.Many women think that opening underwear is not only easy to feel the desire and enthusiasm of men, but also when using sexual and sexy toys, underwear does not need to take off, no interruption process can be interrupted, and they can enjoy more fun more smoothly and naturally.In addition, the opening and fun underwear will also play a certain protective role in the process of sex, and at the same time, you don’t have to worry about problems such as broken sets when using condoms.


Women should pay attention to the following matters when choosing to open a sexy underwear.First of all, choose a suitable underwear to avoid being too small or too large, leading to discomfort and affecting the experience.Secondly, choose appropriate styles, patterns, etc. according to personal preferences, atmosphere, occasions, etc.Finally, it should not be excessive to buy, because too frequent and excessive use, not only prone to fatigue, numbness, but also affecting women’s health problems.


Women’s open -stall sex underwear is generally suitable for use in some private occasions, such as bedrooms and hotel rooms between husbands and wives, so that life has more interest and fun.However, the use of opening underwear in public places may cause discomfort to others’ attention, and may even violate public order and customs.Therefore, when choosing to use open underwear, you should choose the right underwear according to the occasion and avoid excessive exposure in public places.

It is better to use experience with your partner

If you want to try women’s open -stall sexy underwear, it is recommended that you try again after communicating with your partner to taste the beauty of the underwear and the freshness brought by the taste of the underwear.In the process of use, it is recommended that the two interaction together to make the experience more satisfactory, and at the same time, it can increase the relationship and intimacy of the two.


Women’s open -stall sex underwear is a very sexy underwear, which is suitable for couples who want to try freshness and increase interest.Choosing the right style, material, matching and occasion can bring richer experience and fun to sex life.

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