Xuxu Baby’s same sexy underwear

Xuxu Baby’s same sexy underwear

The first: lace little cute

This lace is presented with soft materials, delicate feel and bright colors, which makes people feel exciting.Its design is inspired by daily wear, but it adds more sexy elements. The back is designed with thin and thick lace and a bow with a small sexy element. It feels very charming to wear.

Second paragraph: Korean breast sticker

This Korean chest sticker is made of high -quality materials. It is comfortable and lightweight. The invisible underwear design will not leave traces, making people more free when wearing it.Its unique material makes it not have too much tightness. At the same time, the chest can be perfectly fitted and stylish, showing the most beautiful side of women.

Third model: sexy strap -style corset

This sexy strap -style corset has fully considered the sexy needs of women in design. The stitching of lace and mesh is reminiscent of the baby Xu Xu: "Fly, my little butterfly"!Coupled with the sexy cleavage presentation, and the exquisite details, fully show the sexy charm of women.

Fourth paragraph: shiny rhinestone dress

This shiny rhinestone uses a clear gray lace style with rose red rhinestones, which is very eye -catching.Its style design is unique, short and long, and it seems to say, "I have sexy, gentle and kind", highlighting the graceful figure of women.

Fifth paragraph: comfortable underwear suit

This comfortable underwear suit has very comfortable fabrics and lining, which can protect the breasts well when wearing it without any discomfort.The bottom pants and underwear in the suit are characterized by comfortable fabrics and simple design, which looks natural and generous.

Sixth paragraph: beads and edge of sexy underwear

This beaded edge sexy underwear is a sexy underwear that uses high -end fabrics and exquisite decorative noodles. Its design contains many sexy elements, such as shining sequins and red lining.Features such as comfort.

Seventh paragraph: sexy nightclub style

This sexy nightclub style sexy underwear implies attractiveness and attractive traits.It uses a colorful lace and mesh and black leather stitching design, showing the charm of women’s chic and confident.The comfort of women in the design is very natural when wearing.

Paragraph 8: Advanced lace three -point style

This high -end lace three -point sexy underwear is a noble and elegant underwear.It uses high -end lace materials as the design basis, and adds two other interesting elements, color and design, forming a very gorgeous and very high -textured sexy underwear.

9th paragraph: high -necked red and black color corset

The design style of this high -necked red and black corset is very unique, with a strong French style.Its design uses very high -end lace and transparent mesh, with a classic red -bottom black dot theme, exquisite and elegant.For women who like texture, this underwear is the best choice.

Paragraph 10: Black beads sling underwear

This black beaded sling underwear has the characteristics of dual sexy and tempting.Its outer layer uses shiny beads and has the elements of sexy small butterflies. It is equipped with a charming raised cleavage, which perfectly shows the charm of women.


Whether it is that sexy underwear, the materials used in the design are extremely comfortable, and the style is also very sharp, which fully shows the charming side of women.Their buying is sexy, restrained, and luxurious, all reflect the unique sexy and charm of women, and it is worthy of women to pay attention when making makeup.

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