Yiyo Intellectual underwear jk

What is Yiyo Intellectual Underwear JK

Yiyo Intellectual Underwear JK is an adult erotic underwear. It is composed of an inflatable face sac and a belt connected to an inflatable face sac.There are generally two inflatable dough, and the front sac and the rear sac are filled separately, which can be blocked.Therefore, the characteristics of a sexy underwear JK can better stimulate sexual desire and stimulate the vaginal port.

Yiyo’s stylistic underwear JK style

Yiyo’s underwear JK can be divided into various styles according to different design styles.For example, there are some simple design styles that are suitable for people who like simple styles; there are also some complicated design, such as the shape of flowers and butterflies, which are suitable for people who like romantic style.

Yiyo’s color JK color

Yiyo’s color JK is also very rich, including black, red, pink, white, etc., any choice.

How to use Yiyo Instead underwear JK

Using Yiyi Lover JK needs to fill the air sac and put on the belt.After putting it on, you can adjust the pressure to adapt to your own pressure.Finally, the stimulus effect is obtained through the oppression of the inflatable facial sac.

Precautions for Yueyou’s underwear JK

When using Yiyo -Yuejie JK, you need to pay attention to the following matters:

Need cleaning before use to avoid affecting health;

Don’t be too large according to the pressure, so as not to cause damage;

After use, need to be cleaned and disinfected to prevent bacteria from breeding;

It is necessary to put it in a dry and ventilated place to avoid humidity.

The advantages of Yiyo Intellectual underwear JK

Compared to other erotic underwear, it is appropriate to have the following advantages:

You can freely adjust the air pressure;

You can self -adjust the loose band according to your own needs;

It can better stimulate the vaginal opening and make people more exciting;

You can choose different styles and colors according to your personal taste.

Yiyo’s disadvantage of JK JK

Like other erotic underwear, there are some disadvantages of sexy underwear JK:

Use after inflatable, affect the use experience;

When using, you need to adjust the air pressure and loose band, and the operation is relatively complicated;

It needs to be cleaned regularly, which is relatively troublesome.

How to choose a suitable Yoshiyoshi underwear jk

When choosing a suitable sexy underwear JK, you can consider from the following aspects:

Style style, choose what you like;

Color, choose what you like;

Size, choose the appropriate size according to your own waist and hips;

Material, choose comfortable and easy to clean;

Price, choose the price within the scope you can bear.

Recommend a few about sexy underwear JK

There are many styles and brands on the market.

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in conclusion

In short, Yixi Intellectual Underwear JK is a very interesting adult erotic underwear.During use, you need to pay attention to related details and precautions, and choose the style and brand that suits you.After using it correctly, it can bring a stronger stimulus experience.