Youguo Interests Underwear Open Crop

Features of Youguo Interesting Underwear

Youguo sexy underwear is a sexy, seductive underwear. It usually uses sexy materials, such as lace, gauze nets, and tight polyester fibers. The color is also bolder, such as black, red, etc.Its sexy and temptation comes from its unique design and open wear.

The function of open crotch sex lingerie

Open crotch erotic underwear is a special sexy underwear. Its function is very obvious, that is, the convenience of sexual life.The open crotch design allows women to have sexual life without taking off their underwear when wearing this sexy underwear, thereby achieving the effect of increasing sexual interest.

Classification of open crotch design

In terms of open crotch design, there are different categories of open crotch erotic underwear, including front open crotch, rear open crotch, triangular open crotch, heart -shaped open crotch.Each design has its unique functions and charm.

Features of the front crotch sex lingerie

The front -open crotch’s sexy underwear, as the name suggests, refers to the front of the underwear, usually presented in the form of buttons or zippers.This design has the characteristics of facilitating and convenient sexual life, and also enhanced the visual effects of sex.

Features of open crotch sexy underwear

The rear open crotch lingerie is the opposite of the front -open -crotch sex underwear, and its opening is behind the underwear.This design usually appears in the form of locks, and is more for enhanced stimuli and surprises, suitable for interesting enthusiasts.

Features of the Triangle open crotch sexy underwear

The open crotch of the triangle open crotch underwear is located in the lower part of the underwear, which is a triangular shape.This design has both convenient sexual living functions and adding sexy atmosphere, suitable for fun enthusiasts who dare to try.

The characteristics of the heart -shaped open crotch sexy underwear

The heart -shaped open -crotch sex underwear, as shown in the name, the shape of the open crotch shows the heart shape.This design not only has the function of convenient sex, but also shows a strong emotional color, suitable for romanticists.

Open crotch sex underwear to wear

The way of opening the crotch sex lingerie is more special. Before buying, the user needs to solve the size of the affectionate underwear, and choose the appropriate size according to his personal figure.Be careful when you wear it to avoid damaging underwear.

How to adapt to other clothing

If you want to emphasize the sexy of the open crotch sexy underwear, you can choose a transparent or translucent tulle jacket, long coat, etc., with high heels or leather boots and other shoes to create a sexy and tempting atmosphere.

How to maintain open crotch sexy underwear

The maintenance of open crotch sex lingerie is more special, and it needs to be carried out according to the fabric and washing requirements of the underwear.It is generally recommended to wash and dry naturally. Do not use washing machines and dryers to avoid damaging the quality of underwear.

Suggestions for the use of open crotch sex lingerie

Open crotch erotic underwear has a strong sexual hint, suitable for fun enthusiasts.However, we need to pay attention to protecting personal privacy during use, and do not expose underwear in public.At the same time, choose the right occasion to use it to increase the fun of interesting life.

in conclusion

Youguo’s sexy underwear open crotch is a special sexy underwear, which has the characteristics of convenient life, enhancement of sexual interest, and adding emotional atmosphere.During use, we need to pay attention to protecting personal privacy and appropriate occasions.In order to ensure the quality of the underwear, you need to understand the fabrics and maintenance methods of the underwear before use.

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