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Zhong Liti Intellectual Underwear Search

Zhong Liti, one of the former "Four Flowers", is now a wife.Her dress is more brave and bold, especially in terms of sexy underwear.Recently, she has exposed her sexy lingerie search on social platforms.Below, let’s taste together.

Sexy lace jacket

Lace materials are often used in the design of sexy underwear. I believe that the basic sexy underwear enthusiasts also have one.Zhong Liti’s sexy lace underwear is very simple and generous, and the black underwear shows her perfect figure to the fullest.

Back -back stockings set

For many women, sexy underwear is not limited to daily wear, and sometimes it needs to be matched with other occasions.This set of open -back stockings worn by Zhong Liti perfectly shows the real sexy underwear in the wild shooting.This set of black lace design is very sexy and charming.

Deep V Fighting Underwear Pants Set

It is difficult to describe the perfect display of this deep V show underwear suit on Zhong Liti.The tight underwear wraps the chest perfectly, while the transparent mesh trousers emit a mature and mysterious atmosphere, providing a perfect choice for the enthusiasts.

Lace suspender skirt pajamas

Interest underwear is not just prepared for couples. Single women can also enjoy it.Zhong Liti’s lace tie skirt pajamas exudes a sexy and beautiful atmosphere, and the loose dress makes people unconsciously full of reveries.The use of design elements such as suspenders, rolling edges, and shell shattered lace make this pajamas more flavorful.

Three -piece transmitting underwear suit

This three -piece transmitted underwear suit is obviously the "kung fu master" in the search process of Zhong Liti.Tight underwear suits, transparent mesh trousers, and high heels are jointly matched. Although it completely exposes the beautiful lines of the body, it is still quite sophisticated in detail.

Half cup sling underwear

This underwear uses Italian puffy cake gauze as the fabric. The pine -type tailoring and hook structure make the chest firmer. At the same time, the half -cup design undoubtedly adds a lot of points for the chest.On the whole, this underwear combines sexy and high -level sense.

Black Perspective Cat Woman clothing

The perspective design is very common in sexy underwear, but this black see -through cat and women’s clothing has performed it to the fullest.The tight design and the color of the hook, coupled with the cat’s expression, make the whole underwear look extremely sexy.I believe that many cat women fans will unconsciously accelerate when they see this underwear.

National style

Zhong Liti’s national style of popular underwear is simple but beautiful.The embellishment of lace lace, plus the golden leopard pattern, makes this underwear look both high -level and leisurely.The sexy underwear in the suit is perfectly matched with the advantages of the two.

Woman -exclusive nightdress

This mature woman’s exclusive nightdress is the most surprising one in the search for sexy lingerie search.Although this underwear does not have too much perspective design, the addition of double lace has made this nightdress itself full of attractive charm.

Gorgeous Print Leopard Gastrup Skirt

The last underwear is Zhong Liti’s gorgeous printed leopard nighttime.In terms of design, this nightdress uses a generous printed leopard pattern as the theme, with the texture of the tulle, which highlights its beautiful lines.In addition, a very fashionable design element ensures that this underwear is a perfect item.


Through the search for Zhong Liti’s sexy underwear, it is not difficult to see that in the design of sexy underwear, lace materials, perspective design and tight design are classic elements, and the use of these elements to make different styles of sexy underwear also allows fashion lovers to make fashion loversIt is increasingly difficult to resist its charm.In addition, the style of different underwear also makes sexy underwear more widely wear.

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