How to make her put on a sexy underwear novel

How to make her put on a sexy underwear novel

For many men, sexy underwear is a way to increase sex and sexy for their girlfriends or spouses.But sometimes women may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about wearing sexy underwear.So how to make her put on sexy underwear?Here are some useful suggestions and prompts.

Choose the right style suitable for her

First of all, we must know that there are many different styles and types of sexy underwear, not all sexy underwear is suitable for every woman.Therefore, to choose the right style for her, this will not only make her more comfortable to wear, but also enhance her self -confidence.

Consider her taste and personality

When choosing a sexy underwear, she must also consider her personality and taste.Not every woman likes to wear too sexy or exposed underwear, and some women may focus on wearing soft, feminine or nostalgic underwear.In addition, it is necessary to consider her color and pattern preferences, and what parts she might want to show.

Inspired her interest

If you want her to put on a sexy underwear, then try to stimulate her interest and curiosity.You can show some interesting, cool underwear photos or videos, and show the charm of sexy underwear.At the same time, she can guide her to be interested in these styles and types, and tell her interesting facts and history about sexy underwear.

Give her self -confidence and support

Women wearing fun underwear sometimes feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. At this time, you need to support her and give her confidence.Tell her that she is very beautiful, and wearing a sexy underwear will be more sexy.She can help her make the right decision and provide technical support and suggestions to ensure that she feels comfortable, confident and sexy in sexy underwear.

Find the right occasion

Considering the appropriate occasion, not all situations are suitable for wearing sexy underwear.If you are at home, you can cook a romantic dinner for her and enjoy in the candlelight environment, so that she puts on a sexy underwear to increase the atmosphere.When vacation or opportunities for camping, wild activities, etc., she can also encourage her to put on sexy underwear.

Leave a small gift for sexy underwear

Some women may be unwilling to buy sexy underwear or show interest for their costs or personal reasons.But you can leave some sexy underwear as a small gift, and occasionally displayed to her in her wardrobe or drawer.Sometimes, her sexy underwear gifts bought without clear arrangements are more interesting than the sexy underwear you buy directly.

Express your appreciation positively

When you have sexual relationships, you can gradually guide her to wear more sexy underwear to enhance your sexual attractiveness and passion.At these moments, you can actively express your appreciation and love for her, let her be more confident, and in this atmosphere more willing to wear sexy underwear.

Make her feel comfortable and appropriate

Finally, don’t forget to make her feel comfortable and appropriate.If she doesn’t like to wear sexy underwear, or thinks that she is uncomfortable or unnatural in underwear, then don’t force her to wear.At any time, she should respect her freedom and choice to ensure that she feels comfortable and satisfied.If she is certain that she does not wear it, love and relationship will eventually be based on the respect of human beings.


Women wearing sexy underwear will increase self -confidence and sexy, but at the same time, they must respect the women’s feelings and options.Choosing a style suitable for her, providing support and confidence, making her feel comfortable and happy, so that your girlfriend or spouse will be more willing to put on sexy underwear, and at the same time enjoy this romantic time.

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