Training women in sexy underwear

Training women in sexy underwear

For some more traditional or ashamed women, wearing sexy underwear may be unacceptable.But for men, sexy underwear is a good sex tool.Training women’s sexy underwear can increase interest and improve emotional experience.So how do we teach women to wear sexy underwear?I will introduce it step by step.

Guide women to try

First of all, if you want to adjust women to wear fun underwear, we need to guide women to try.You can start with women’s existing underwear. For example, you can buy some gentle, colorful colors, and traditional sexy underwear.At the same time, this can make women easier to accept sexy lingerie and gradually increase their interests and confidence on their way.

Fully communicate

In the process of guiding women, they need to communicate sufficient communication.In the process of wearing a sexy underwear for the first time, men are advised to accompany them and give encouragement and guidance: they can let women take a few steps or do a few actions to test the suitable dressing or give feedback in time.

Understand the characteristics of a woman’s body

If you want to successfully adjust women to wear sexy underwear, you need to understand the physical characteristics of women.Different physical forms will have a great impact on the choice of sexy underwear.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to choose according to the factors such as the body, chest shape, buttocks, and ensure that the selected sexy underwear comfort, quality, and protection can also meet the needs of women.


In the process of choosing a sexy underwear, men need high professional knowledge and can give appropriate suggestions.In addition to considering the basic elements, you also need to consider women’s preferences, preferences, and emotional needs.When giving suggestions, men need to comprehensively consider these factors to give the most suitable sexy underwear.

Create a romantic love

Interest underwear can not only add some mood to sex, but also create a romantic atmosphere.When choosing a sexy underwear, you can match the most romantic atmosphere according to specific occasions and needs.At the same time, when wearing a sexy underwear for women, men also need to have some fun and romantic heart, making women easier to accept.


The ultimate goal is to improve the interesting experience.Wearing sexy underwear can better stimulate multiple parts of the body, increase the pleasure of sex, and allow two people to reach a higher orgasm.Therefore, in the process of training women’s sexy underwear, we must pay attention to the experience of women, so that women can feel the happiness and fun brought by sexy underwear.

Pay attention to details and hygiene

In the process of training women’s sexy underwear, men should also pay attention to environmental sanitation and details.Try to avoid wearing sexy underwear for women in the case of semi -bright and dark, to ensure the sanitary environment of bright and ventilated to ensure that women are healthy.

Don’t force

When men are tuning women’s sexy underwear, they need to be careful not to force women to wear, otherwise they will be counterproductive.Need to guide women patiently, care and respect for women’s feelings and needs.


In the process of training women’s sexy underwear, you need to guide women to try, fully communicate, understand the characteristics of women, give suggestions, create romantic love, pay attention to sex experience, pay attention to details and hygiene, but more importantly, do not force women to force womenEssenceOnly under the premise of respecting and understanding each other can the application of sexy underwear achieve the best results.

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