The swimsuit is very similar to a woman with sexy underwear

The commonality of swimsuit and sexy underwear

Do you wonder why some swimsuits are as sexy as sexy underwear, and even make people a little uncomfortable?In fact, there are a lot of commonality and sexy underwear. Let’s take a look together.


The material of the swimsuit and erotic underwear is very particular, and it is necessary to choose soft and personal fabrics.Common ones are nylon, polyester fiber, Modal, etc. These materials have good elasticity and breathability, and the personal effect is also very good, which can shape the perfect figure.

Cut off

A good swimsuit and sexy underwear must have a fine tailoring, which can better highlight the body curve and proportion.The common tailoring of swimsuits includes triangular cups, umbilical outfits, etc., and sexy underwear will have more diverse designs, such as half cups, split, lace lace, etc.


The color is also a place where the swimsuit is similar to the sexy underwear.Gorgeous colors or dark colors are very suitable for sexy.And if you want to wear a dew -skinned swimsuit or sexy underwear, the choice of color must not be sloppy.


Lace decoration is one of the characteristics of sexy underwear. It can highlight the curve and proportion of the body and make the figure look better.This feature can also be used on a swimsuit.For example, decorating the lace on the upper and lower edges or chests of the swimsuit, the effect is very wonderful.

Sexy element

Interests of underwear and swimsuits have many sexy elements, such as ribbon, lace, shoulder straps, etc.These elements can not only enhance the sexy of women, but also use it very well in dressing.

Perspective design

The perspective design of sexy underwear is very classic, and this element can also be used on a swimsuit.Some swimsuit designers will see the belly or breasts to make the swimsuit more sexy and charming.

Chest pads and underwear cups

Both swimsuits and sexy underwear need to consider the specifications of the chest.If the chest is not plump enough, you can choose the underwear cup and paired with the chest pad to make the chest fuller.If the chest is full, the underwear cup can also shape the perfect shape.

Off -shoulder design

The off -the -shoulder design is not only common in sexy underwear, but also very suitable for swimsuit.Exposing your shoulders can make people look more sexy and charming.At the same time, it can also make people look longer.

High waist design

The high waist design can not only make people look tall, but also thinner waist.In the swimsuit and sexy underwear, the style of high waist is also very popular.

in conclusion

The commonality of swimsuit and sexy underwear is amazing.Not only can they make their bodies more perfect, but more importantly, they can fully show the sexy sexy of women.However, when choosing a swimsuit and sexy underwear, women should also notice their bodies and temperament, and choose one that suits them best.

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