Sexy lingerie deflation

Sexy lingerie deflation

Sexy lingerie deflation

What is sex lingerie deflation

Sexy underwear definition refers to the use of tap words or abbreviated methods to represent the style or location of sexy underwear products.These abbreviations are common on the shopping website of sexy underwear, and provide consumers with a more efficient shopping experience in a simple and easy -to -memory way.

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Frequent erotic lingerie deflation

Here are some common sexy lingerie abbreviations and their corresponding complete vocabulary:

BB: Breast Cover

BH: Bustier Hose

CK: Crottchless Knickers

GP: G-String Panties

SIM: Sheer Intricacy Mesh

SS: Shiny Stockings

TK: Thigh-Length Knee Socks

Teddies & Bodysuits

UW: UNWired Underwear

WCF: Waist Cincher Fashion

WGT: Weighted Garter Tank with a light -shaped effect

How to choose the right sexy underwear

Selecting the right sexy underwear needs to be evaluated according to its own body shape, occasion and preferences.Here are some reference points:

Body type: Find a design suitable for your body. For example, for women with relatively small breasts, choosing the bras that can improve the breasts may be better.

Scene: Select styles and colors according to the requirements of different occasions. For example, for dating or special private occasions, you can choose more sexy or exposed styles.

Preferences: more personal preferences to choose design, color, fabrics and styles, such as lace, silk, swimwear models, etc.

Maintenance method of sexy underwear

Maintenance of sexy underwear is very important. The following are some maintenance points:

Regular cleaning: Select the appropriate cleaning method according to different fabrics. Regular cleaning can maintain the beauty and cleanliness of sexy underwear for a long time.

Avoid drying: High temperature and drying will cause damage to sexy underwear, try to avoid using dryers.

Hand washing: Hand washing can retain the design and details of sexy underwear to a greater extent, while avoiding the use of washing machines at the same time.

Avoid direct sunlight: The color of sexy underwear will fade or turn yellow because of direct sunlight. Put the sexy underwear as much as possible in a dry and cool place.

Choose the use of sexy underwear

The purpose of choosing sexy underwear is also an important factor:

For the sexy atmosphere of the couple, choose the design that can meet the needs of the partner

To enhance self -confidence, choosing a design suitable for your body and preference can improve self -confidence

Meet your needs in special private occasions

How to judge the size of sexy underwear

The size of the sexy underwear requires the following reference points:

Belt: Measure your chest under the tube level. Do not be too tight or too loose at this time.

Lower circumference: Use tape measure horizontally to measure the lower circumference of your chest. Compared with the bust, you should choose a larger size.

Hip around: Measure the widest part of the hip with a tape measure. Do not be too tight or too loose at this time.

Bullet circumference: measure your waist circumference position with tape measures horizontally.

How to protect personal privacy when buying sexy underwear

When buying a sexy underwear, you may face the leakage of privacy. The following are a few ways to protect privacy:

Choose a regular shopping website or physical store for purchase

Use a security payment method during checkout, such as PayPal and credit card payment, etc.

Do not leak personal sensitive information during the purchase process, such as address, telephone, bank account, etc.

Choose the right distribution method, for example, choose not to display the product name or use a third -party express delivery collection, etc.

Different erotic underwear effects

The effects of different erotic underwear are different:

The corset, hollow models, three -point style, etc. can highlight the sexy of women

Interesting jumpsuit, naked nightdress, etc. can express women’s enchanting and sexy

The vest with streaming Su and other styles can bring more beauty and fashion

in conclusion

Sex underwear is an effective way to enhance women’s charm and confidence. Choosing the right style and size can achieve the ideal effect more efficiently.When buying sexy underwear, pay attention to privacy protection and maintenance to avoid quality problems during use or leak personal privacy.