Sexy lingerie fake chest picture video network

Sexy lingerie fake chest picture video network


As an important sex toy, sexy underwear has long been part of the daily life of modern people. For sex underwear, false breasts are one of the special types, which has attracted much attention.However, with the popularity of the Internet, the circulation of sexy underwear’s fake chest pictures is also becoming more and more extensive, and there are many controversial content.This article will sort out and analyze these contents to give readers an objective perspective.

The definition of sexy lingerie fake chest

False breasts, as the name suggests, are a special underwear that simulates women’s breasts.Under normal circumstances, fake chest underwear is made of some soft materials, such as sponge, glue, silicone, and so on.They are suitable for some women who want to increase their breasts or adjust their chest shapes, or enhance their visual stimulus to partners during sex.

False underwear fake chest classification

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According to its functions and characteristics, the current sexy underwear on the market can be divided into the following types:

1. Increased fake chest: mainly to increase and plump breasts. This kind of fake chest underwear is generally large and high degree of simulation.

2. Effect -type fake chest: This kind of fake chest is mainly aimed at women with sagging breasts and poor chest shapes, which plays a role in improving the chest shape.

3. Simulates real -type fake chest: This kind of fake chest simulates the real breasts of women, and the workmanship is fine, which is usually used for sexual stimulation and ending.

The hazards of sexy lingerie fake chest

Although sexy lingerie is very attractive, because fake chest underwear needs to be made for some special materials, some materials have a certain impact on the human body. If the sexy underwear is not used correctlyCome to certain hazards.

1. Skin allergies: Pseudoma underwear with more materials such as silicone is not suitable for skin sensitive people, and it is easy to cause allergic reactions.

2. Covering the breast: The wrong posture or the insufficient understanding of the fake chest materials will cause the risk of blocking the breast.

3. Affect physical and mental health: For a long time, using simulation real fake chest can sometimes affect physical and mental health.


Pictures and videos of sexy underwear fake chests

In recent years, pictures and videos of fake chests of sexy underwear have become more and more popular on the Internet, and some videos are even selfie.The impact of these videos and pictures is very large, mainly in the following aspects:

1. In terms of consumption: Due to the circulation of pictures and videos, some people’s demand and interest in the fake chest of sexy underwear have increased, providing manufacturers with opportunities for sales.

2. Social impact: Excessive exposed sexy underwear fake chest pictures and videos will affect the mental health of some people, especially children and adolescents, and should pay enough attention and reasonable guidance.

3. Privacy tendency: pictures and videos of sexy underwear fake chests and videos are relatively large. If you leak, follow the pain of the invaders and the incredible property loss.

Sexy lingerie fake chest picture video network

At present, there are many pictures and video websites on the Internet on the Internet. Because it involves different cultural backgrounds and laws and regulations, some pictures and videos will challenge people’s aesthetics.Here are some sexy lingerie fake chest pictures and video websites:

1. Well -known websites: Taobao, and other e -commerce websites involve the sales of fake lingerie fake chest. At the same time, there are many pictures and videos about sexy lingerie fake breasts on these websites.

2. Niche Website: Some websites for the sexy underwear market, such as Tmall and Suning Tesco, also have many pictures and videos of sexy lingerie.

3. Foreign websites: Female underwear fake chest pictures and video cultural backgrounds on foreign websites are different from China, and should be guided appropriately.

The use of sexy lingerie fake chest use skills

The correct use of false chest underwear can effectively avoid the harm brought by it. The following aspects need to be paid attention to:

1. Choose the appropriate material: You need to choose the one that suits you according to your own situation.

2. Use posture correctly: Pay attention to the pose of sexy underwear to avoid compressing the breasts caused by adverse consequences.

3. Avoid wearing for a long time: Fake chest underwear should not be worn for a long time, and excessive use will affect the body.

False underwear fake chest discerning method

In order to avoid spending money or buying low -quality sexy underwear fake chest, the following aspects need to be paid attention:

1. Brand: When buying, choose a fake chest of sexy underwear with a certain reputation brand, which can avoid low -quality fakes.

2. Place of origin: Female underwear fake chests are currently produced relatively little in China. Due to export trade more common, some low -cost products have unknown origin. You need to pay attention to the origin and brand information.

3. Market price: The price of fake chests in the market is different. If the price is too low, there are quality problems.

Interesting underwear fake chest maintenance and maintenance

The following aspects are the main points of fake chest maintenance that need to pay attention to:

1. Cleaning: False breasts need to be cleaned frequently, especially where the private parts used in use, choose a professional cleaning agent, and pay attention to use according to the instructions.

2. Storage: Pay attention to the maintenance of dustproof, pollution -proof, drying, and lighting. Especially when used, you need to pay attention to drying to prevent bacteria from breeding.

3. Replacement: The material of the fake chest of sexy underwear, with the change of time and frequency, needs to be replaced to avoid the material hardening.


As a special type of sexy underwear, as a special type of sexy underwear, it has attracted more and more attention. However, we also need to objectively face the negative effects of sexy lingerie fake chest items. At the same timeStandardized development.